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Okay, but the original point of the comment was the abuse/manipulation of young girls and it was directed incorrectly at the "fringe" of the LDS church. It's the same sort of association as saying "fringe groups of the Lutheran church abuse boys" when some catholic priests have done it. Having a common religious origin does not equal the same religion or the same belief system.

I don't care for the association only in as much as it is incorrect.
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They are no more "fringe groups" of the LDS church than Lutherans are a fringe group of Catholicism or Christianity is a fringe group of Judaism. These "fringe groups" of the LDS church that you refer to have different clergy, often additional or different scriptural texts and don't consider the LDS church or their leaders to be a spiritual authority. Explain to me how they are the same.

And yes, I am Mormon but that fact is irrelevant to the fact that your reasoning is illogical. I don't particularly care whether you agree with my system of beliefs, only that if you make an argument against them that you know what you're talking about.
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I'm aware of what geoduck referred to but those sects aren't "fringe groups", they are separate religious entities in blatant disagreement with the religion's tenets. The LDS church hasn't practiced polygamy in over 100 years, as I indicated in my comment. People who do are excommunicated. My point was that polygamy isn't an idea unique to the LDS so unless you correctly associate the practice, it is a poor argument for or against it.
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The gross majority of the world's major religions practiced polygamy at some point in their history. I find it interesting that the LDS religion is always the topic of conversation when it is brought up when they haven't practiced polygamy in over 100 years - and had probably the shortest history of polygamist activity of any of the world's major religions.
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