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Amazing. I too have a picture that’s not coloured at all but was constructed by layering dots of pure cyan, magenta, yellow and black on top of the original white-on-white image.
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Once someone asked me how to use a stapler...
I'm still baffled (and I can't pretend I was polite asking back in a very sarcastic tone: "Are you saying you honestly don't know how to use a stapler?').
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I agree that Dexter ended very badly. It could have been improved a bit by cutting off the last 3 minutes. But entire show really should have ended after Season 5.

I disagree that the ending of Battlestar Galactica was excellent. It was irrational to the point of being utterly awful. The proper response to Lee Adama's proposal should have been to immediately laugh.

Although a lot of people hated it, I though that the finale of Enterprise was an excellent wrap-up for the entire Star Trek franchise.
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Macs are far more expensive than comparably equipped PCs, less expandable, less adaptable, with fewer software options. They are made for people with no computer knowledge who believe the marketing hype. They are also excellent at incurring ridiculous costs for peripherals and replacement parts (look at the price of replacing the power supply/chargers and batteries, as a guideline.)

For school use, weight is the very first issue - lugging around even two extra pounds is noticeable. Next comes battery life, then internal storage. Then comes Microsoft Office, since everything is done in Office formats. An external backup drive (and the habit to use it at least every month, but every week is optimal) is important. Anything else might be nice, but not necessary for school. Also note that a cheap computer is cheaper to replace when, for instance, it is knocked off the desk or serves as a crashpad when skateboarding, and less likely to be stolen.
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