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It's a combo shaver/air freshener/deoderant/personal fan. You push a button to pick what operation you want. The end opposite the grill has a slot for you to insert the proper ingrediant (shaving cream, scent, deoderant gel, or ionizer). It's great for backpacking, you have one device for most of your personal needs. The deluxe model (not shown) comes with a toilet paper despenser and optional coffee spout.

Flying monkeys, large.
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It's a tap for a keg. Very very small kegs. You removed the cork from the bunghole, and insert this to access the beer. Wine kegs have wine shaped ones, liquor has bottle shaped.

Request Denied! Large
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"These rocket packs with built in time machines are awesome. Look, there is Rod Sterling on that plane."

shirt How May I Ignore You Today? Large
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