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The Bravest Thing He’s Ever Done

This morning, redditor twilling8 found a skunk wandering around his neighborhood in Ontario with a Coke can stuck on his head. What to do? He could ignore the skunk, and go about his business, but that could return to haunt him later. Or he could risk getting sprayed.

(YouTube link)

He is indeed a brave man, and did the right thing. Now if people would only keep their trash picked up and lids on their garbage cans, this would have never happened.

The Amazing Triple Spiral

Domino master Hevesh5 spent 25 hours over eight days to create this triple spiral consisting of around 15,000 dominoes. As you watch the three sequences of the fall, the intricacy of the build becomes clear.

(YouTube link)

How does she control each sequence without ruining a future sequence? That’s some engineering, to go along with the patience, steady hand, and creativity involved in this couple of minutes of video. It is a very satisfying video, so should be worth the effort if enough people watch. -via Metafilter

Bonus: Watch it in reverse!

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Hiddleston

In the past few years, actor Tom Hiddleston is everywhere. You may know him as Loki in the Marvel universe movies, or Jonathon Pine in the miniseries The Night Manager, or Hank Williams in the film I Saw the Light, or any of his many other roles. Maybe we should get to know him a little better.

He went to boarding school with Prince William and Eddie Redmayne.

When Tom was 13-years old, his parents sent him to the elusive Eton College, a well-known boarding school in Windsor. Prince William just happened to be a classmate, as did Eddie Redmayne, who had already started acting professionally. Tom has said that Prince William was treated as any other contemporary would be. While on the subject of Eton College, he has admitted that the way the public perceives Eton, as well as the students who attend the school, irritates him. When asked about the school, he responded, “The reason it’s a good school is that it encourages people to find the thing they love and to go for it. They champion the talent of the individual and that’s what’s special about it.”

Tom used to play rugby at Cambridge.

After playing rugby at Eton, Tom went on to study at the University of Cambridge, the 2nd oldest English-speaking university. While there, he played rugby for the university’s college, Pembroke. Unfortunately, it clashed with his ability to act in the university’s stage productions. In the end, he had to choose one over the other and opted to drop rugby and focus on acting.

That’s just the beginning of the list of twenty things you can learn about Tom Hiddleston at Money Inc.

(Image credit: Gage Skidmore)

Cute Googly-Eyed Stubby Squid

Scientists aboard the exploration vehicle Nautilus spotted what looks to be a child’s toy dropped onto the ocean floor off the coast of California. No, maybe it’s a Pokémon. But what if it’s an infant child of Cthulhu? This creature appears to be a cross between Zoidberg and Barney, but it’s a live cephalopod. It doesn’t do anything in the video, but the commentary from the observing scientists is worth a watch.

(YouTube link)

The animal is Rossia pacifica, or the stubby squid.

"On that watch it happened to be a lot of geology folks or ecology folks, so a lot of the commentary was of course more like 'What is this thing, it's so cute!' and sometimes we have less of that when we see rocks," Samantha Wishnak, a science communication fellow aboard the E/V Nautilus, told Live Science.

The scientists on watch during the squid sighting also initially misidentified the stubby squid as a cuttlefish, which the squid is closely related to. Wishnak said the E/V Nautilus team was able to rule out cuttlefish, as the species is not found in the eastern Pacific Ocean. With a few other ideas for what the species might be, the researchers on board collaborated with scientists ashore and at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and MBARI, to identify the stubby squid.

While it's not a cuttlefish, it may be a cuddle-fish. -via Metafilter

Jupiter Does Not Orbit the Sun, Technically

While Jupiter does revolve around in an oval-shaped orbit, just like the rest of the planets, the central point of that orbit is not the sun. Jupiter throws its weight around in the solar system, affecting the sun itself, so there’s a tug-of-war that has both bodies revolving around the barycenter, a point just above the surface of the sun. 

The sun is about 1,000 times more massive than Jupiter, and these two bodies affect one another proportionally, so the amount Jupiter's gravity pulls on the sun is one-thousandth the amount the sun's gravity pulls on Jupiter. And Jupiter's orbit takes 11.8 Earth years to compete, and the sun travels around the barycenter takes the same amount of time.

The explanation is pretty cool, but the part about using this knowledge to study other stars and their possible planets we can’t see is …out of this world!

(Animation credit: NASA)

A Car Ride with Motoki

Motoki puts his heart into his lip-sync performance. And his sense of humor, too! For safety’s sake, his mother is driving. She's seen it all before. 

(YouTube link)

You’d expect to see something like this on a dance floor or stage, but the clear view and intimacy of an automobile gives us a better view, and his mother nonchalantly driving gives a find counterpoint to his goofy antics. -via Viral Viral Videos

It's Good To Have Someone With A Can-Do Attitude In Your Corner

It's good to have a partner in life who will help you soar to new heights instead of weighing you down with their negativity, but sometimes you've gotta swap out the one you're with to find the right fit.

And according to this comic from Zen Pencils you'll know the Can-Do guy or girl of your dreams the minute you meet them- they'll be the one offering to help you(r heart) soar to the stars!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

When The Boss Institutes A Strict Dress Code, Start Cosplaying At Work

Office dress codes are a real drag, even with Casual Fridays, but employees who want to keep their jobs are forced to dress accordingly...or are they?

If you go by the experiences of June J Rivas then dress codes don't mean a thing, because when her boss instituted a severe and illegal dress code she replied by cosplaying to work.

June feels the new dress code is aimed directly at her and has filed complaints, but in the meantime she's having fun putting “work cosplay” outfits together which technically conform to the new dress code.

Cosplayers tend to be a mighty creative bunch, so if this dress code battle grinds on for a while June is going to make her boss wish she'd never had a problem with the way June used to dress!

See more from Lady Responds To Strict Dress Code By Wearing Incredible Costumes here

R.I.P. Marni Nixon

You might not know the name Marni Nixon, but you know her voice. Nixon was a singer, actress, author, and music professor, with an extensive filmography. The strange part of her film career is that she was often uncredited. Nixon sang the songs that made other actresses famous

Classically trained, Ms. Nixon was throughout the 1950s and ’60s the unseen — and usually uncredited — singing voice of the stars in a spate of celebrated Hollywood films. She dubbed Deborah Kerr in “The King and I,” Natalie Wood in “West Side Story” and Audrey Hepburn in “My Fair Lady,” among many others.

Her other covert outings included singing for Jeanne Crain in “Cheaper by the Dozen,” Janet Leigh in “Pepe” and Ida Lupino in “Jennifer.” “The ghostess with the mostest,” the newspapers called her, a description that eventually began to rankle.

While these musicals went on to win multiple Academy Awards, Nixon was under contract to keep her involvement a secret, which bothered her more and more as time went on. She eventually vowed to never sing in secret again. It’s Nixon’s voice you hear in these songs, courtesy of Metafilter:

Ms. Nixon died of breast cancer in Manhattan on Sunday. She was 86.

(Image credit: Flickr user John Morton)

Baby Horse Demands Butt Scratches

(Video Link)

This little filly knows what's good: butt scratches. And if you don't deliver them, she'll take them from you. She's got attitude.

-via Tastefully Offensive

Doctor’s Orders

What’s the cure when you're overcome by work? A little play! Better follow Dr. Feelgood’s orders, and  shake, rattle, and roll, those blues away. This is the latest from Lunarbaboon.

The Touching Moment a Mom Hears Her Deceased Daughter's Heartbeat for the First Time in 10 Years

(Video Link)

Jade Stoner, 7 years old, was killed in a car accident. Seeing through her agony, her mother Debbie Stoner donated her daughter's organs.

Jade's heart went to Nellie-Ma Evans, a baby born with cardiomyopathy. She wouldn't have survived without a heart transpant.

That transplant was successful. Nellie-Ma is now 11 years old. Debbie Stoner recently met her. She placed her ear on Nellie-Ma's chest and listened to the sound of her daughter's heart, still beating 10 years later. Stoner described the experience to the Telegraph (auto-start):

"The first time I’d heard Jade’s heart beating was when I was pregnant with her at my ultrasound scan and it sounded just as strong," Mrs Stoner said.

"I knew her heart was no longer Jade’s because she’s no longer with us but it was a part of her.

"Although I lost the most precious thing in my life, she is continuing to live on, in a way."

For Hire: Real Pokémon Trainer

Gotta catch 'em all but don't have time? Call on the services of Alicia Thomas, a professional Pokémon trainer--yes, professional. This is what she does for a living.

According to her Craiglist ad, if you pay her, Thomas will login to Pokémon GO with your account credentials and quickly collect many, high-quality Pokémon:

I will walk around in 1-4 hour shifts signed in to your account capturing every single Pokemon I come into contact with, activating every Poke Stop I pass and walking nonstop to help hatch your eggs. I'll even send you hourly updates while you're at work/class/on a hot date informing you of any really exciting things I've come across for you. Pokemon training help, gym battles and strategy tips are also included, if requested.

Thomas isn't just some random person with a phone. She's a Pokémon expert and is prepared to be the best trainer you've ever had:

Personally, I am a level 15 trainer in Pokemon GO right now and control all of the gyms near my place. […]

Details: I currently own an iPhone 6s, several portable chargers and am in very good physical fitness. Spending hours on my feet is not an issue.

I admire her entrepreneurial spirit. As the Ninth Rule of Acquisition says, "Opportunity plus instinct equals profit." Thomas's instincts guided her to an opportunity and she's seized it. I hope she makes a lot of money.

-via Jeremy Barker

A Harry Potter Style Yo Momma Joke Battle

The guys and gals who attend Hogwart's School of Wizardry have to find ways to blow off steam in-between lessons and their constant battle against the dark side of the magical arts.

Some like to get stinking drunk on Firewhisky, others train tirelessly for Quidditch tournaments and magical duels, but the most popular pastime of all is the Yo Momma joke battle.

A finely crafted zinger aimed at an opponent's unwitting mother can be more damaging than a spell, and leave a nastier mark than the one old Voldy left on Harry's head.

It's fine for the students at Hogwart's to pass the time bagging on each other via Yo Momma jokes, but leave Harry and Neville out of it because talkin' smack about their mommas is just plain mean!

-Via Nerd Approved

The Power of Pokémon GO

All it takes is a super-viral video game to bring wildly diverse people together. Redditor BroWithTheFr0 took this selfie with a group of a dozen people who met playing Pokémon GO in Rochester, New York. The new friends are male, female, black, white, Asian, young, old, hairy, no hair, blue hair, and they have something in common to talk about. Gotta catch ‘em all! -via reddit

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