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Ok. Yes, the baby's reaction is cute, but am I the only one that notices that the cat does NOT want to be there? The cat clings to its owner, the tail is puffed, the eyes are dilated. *I* would not be putting my cat in a situation it does not feel safe, and ESPECIALLY not forcing it near the eyes of my defenseless baby.
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About 15yrs ago, in the middle of winter in Vermont, it was snowing to beat the band, the sky was an odd green color and lightning flashed a couple times. I remember it perfectly because it seemed so matching to how odd my life was at the time. I had never seen anything like it before or since.
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My question is: Do I have to be crazy to be a cat person or does being a cat person make me crazy? As much as I love my kitties, they do drive me crazy sometimes!
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