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I'm not seeing the need for a drawn gun, though. "Yes , your honor, I shot him because his Coke machine made a threatening gesture, while lying on the ground."
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"Dark side of Disney", huh?

So there's a bright side?

Not when you're being gouged for a fifty year old cartoon re-release. Then its "back to the vaults" until the next gen gets hyped into it.

Just another arm of the "Coalition of Greedy White Guys."
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The hell with Artoo. I want an obsequious, effeminate C3P0 I can beat with a baseball bat when I get pissed off.

Ok, that was harsh. But I hate that character.
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I agree with the "second" language hack. Many people outside the U.S. are FORCED to learn English since it's the language of "science" and air traffic control.

Meanwhile, we make Asian co-workers use American nicknames because we can't be bothered to learn how to pronounce something foreign.

You know, like "harry-carry", "carry-oakee", and "Godzilla".

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Y'know, I've heard all the arguments and have certainly reaped the benefits of this kind of research in my lifetime, but deliberately infecting other ANYTHINGS with toxins or diseases still makes me feel like crap.
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I'd forgotten about this, which is odd, considering my Leslie Ann Warren fetish (caused by seeing her "Cinderella" at an impressionable age). Netflix, here I come!

Yeah, and thanks for giving away the ending(s)!
Hey, the hot chick in "The Crying Game" is a dude. So there! (Strangely, I didn't mind...but couldn't he do better than Forest Whitaker?)
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Or is this just another "State of Fear" media blitz in a week that Obama hasn't adopted any puppies?

Remember Bush's "Bird Flu" speech? And how many have died from it world-wide? (The disease, not the speech...)
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That is the most complex and intelligently designed Goldberg device I've ever seen!

Even the audio track was great. Hearing the ball roll across the panelling seams...and the hammers to help them up the incline...

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God, that was so gross I could barely look at it. I sure wasn't thinking of anything sexy. Gag. Literally!

And as much as I worship John Barry, I like "Tomorrow Never Dies" better. Blasphemy, I know...
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