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Protein That Could Be Key To Acne Therapies In The Future

One of the most common skin conditions in the world is acne, and it is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting over 50 million people in that country annually. The skin disease, which is linked to excess oil production and bacterial inflammation, usually starts in puberty, and affects adolescents and young adults across the world.

A new paper published in the journal Nature Communications have discovered something that could be used later in the future in developing new acne therapies. The findings involve a protein called GATA6.

Know more about this study over at MedicalXpress.


(Image Credit: Kjerstin_Michaela/ Pixabay)


NASA To Announce Something About The Moon On October 26

Prepare yourself this coming Monday (Oct. 26), as NASA will be announcing “an exciting new discovery about the Moon” on that day at 12 PM, EDT. According to the post on their website, the audio of the teleconference will be livestreamed here.

According to NASA, the discovery was from the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), a Boeing 747 modified to be an airborne observatory. The SOFIA flies high in the atmosphere and is equipped with a 9-foot telescope that makes it able to get a clear view of the cosmos.

I wonder what the announcement will be. What do you think?

Via Space.com

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Chimps Pick Their Friends, Too

As we get older, we realize that we don’t need that many friends. We just need a handful of friends who we know will stick with us through thick and thin. These behaviors were once thought to be unique to us humans. As it turns out, they weren’t. Scientists have discovered that some animals, such as chimpanzees, have these traits as well.

The work is described in the journal Science and is authored by a team of psychologists and primatologists, including current and former researchers from the Harvard Department of Human Evolutionary Biology.
The study draws on 78,000 hours of observations, made between 1995 and 2016, which looked at the social interactions of 21 male chimpanzees between the ages of 15 and 58 years old in the Kibale National Park in Uganda. It shows what's believed to be the first evidence of nonhuman animals actively selecting who they socialize with during aging.

Learn more details about this study over at PHYS.org.

(Image Credit: Ikiwaner/ Wikimedia Commons)


There Is An Option In “The Red Lantern” Where Your Dogs Will Always Stay Alive

Pet the dogs. Start a fire. Observe or hunt down some animals. Go fishing. Tend to your wounds. Distribute the food you have accordingly to yourself and your dogs, to ensure that no one will starve. These are some of the things that you have to do in order to survive in the Alaskan wilderness.

The Red Lantern is a survival game developed by Timberline Studios and was recently released in the Nintendo Switch. As a survival game, your goal is to survive in the wilderness, and prevent your dogs from dying.

When people saw the announcement trailer last year, some were turned off because of the scene where one of your sled dogs presumably died from a bear attack. 

But there are some options to keep your dogs alive in the game, and one of them is by turning off dog deaths in the settings.

“Though The Red Lantern contains roguelike elements and poor decisions can result in unfortunate consequences for your sled team, an optional toggle can disable death for your dogs,” Can You Pet the Dog? tweeted.
People in the tweet comments are pretty excited to see an option like this, which makes the stakes pretty clear. Things might not go right, but it won’t send you over the edge if seeing dogs die is something that upsets you. Plenty of folks reacted with relief, noting that they weren’t originally going to play the game because of it — but now they might be able to give it a go.


(Image Credit: Can You Pet The Dog?/ Twitter)


This FIFA 21 Glitch Is Something Else

Bugs and glitches are inevitable in games, and the FIFA games aren’t an exception. In some FIFA games,...

The ball flies off into orbit, limbs twist and turn to form Lovecraftian nightmares, and the AI creates mysterious giant goalkeepers who spread through the game like a virus.

But of all the many bugs that the FIFA games have had, this bug of this year’s FIFA game may just be the most remarkable.

The ball hovers at top of the goal, just under where the crossbar and post meet, neither passing across the line or moving away from it. The goalkeeper flaps about underneath, trying and failing to grab the ball. One of the defenders trots over for a closer look, but doesn't lift a finger to help. Eventually the player-controlled player comes storming in, and there's a brief FIFA physics moment before the ball decides to fall, and it drops over the goal line, seemingly oblivious to the chaos it has caused.
My favourite part of this clip is the commentary - poor Derek Rae seems locked in a loop, rinsing his various lines of dialogue used to describe a shot that hits the bar. It's amazing.

See the clip of the glitch over here.

(Image Credit: u/BuschLatte/ Reddit/ Eurogamer)


We Finally Know What a Dinosaur Anus Looks Like

When you think about dinosaurs, does the creature's anus come to mind? It was certainly not addressed directly in Jurassic Park, a 1993 documentary about paleontological experimentation.

The anus is soft tissue, not bone, and thus unlikely to be preserved by the fossil record. But Slate author Riley Black directs us to this scientific study about the subject. Researchers Phil R. Bell, Michael Pittman, Thomas G. Kaye, and Christophe Hendrickx have carefully studied the Psittacosaurus, for which a few soft tissue samples remain preserved to modern times. They conclude that this dinosaur had a cloaca similar to that of crocodilian species. From their abstract:

Here, we describe the outer morphology of the only known non-avialan dinosaur cloaca, preserved in an exceptional specimen of the early-diverging ceratopsian dinosaur Psittacosaurus. We clarify the position of the cloaca with respect to the ischia and caudal vertebrae and document the scales immediately adjacent to the abdomen and tail. We find that the cloaca is from a near-sexually mature subadult individual and is most similar to the cloaca of crocodylians, to the exclusion of lepidosaurians and birds. 

-via Dave Barry | Image: Current Biology


Love me some new Disney movie

Raya is Disney's new princess but she's actually further from a princess and is a warrior.


Any Tiger King fans here comment your favorite part


Kind of accurate but it's also up and down


Gotta match your friends energy always


Weird, Weird Facts About The Human Body

Did you know that you release up to 1.5 liters of gas everyday? Are you aware of the fact that the microorganisms in your body outnumber your own human cells 10 to 1? How much do you know about the human body?

Check out the funny and the scary facts about the human body that Cracked Plasticians and Shea compiled, over at Cracked.

(Image Credit: Cracked)


Uhhh… Bon Appetit?

One of the best foods that you can order at Chinese restaurants is steamed grass carp. Grass carps are a good choice for those who don’t like fish that much, due to their flaky meat that only has a mild taste and not that fishy.

And then there’s steamed grass crap, which I don’t recommend eating.

Image via Engrish.com

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