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From Old Shipping Containers To A Luxurious Hotel

It’s good to reuse old items in order to reduce waste! These old shipping containers were turned into a luxurious hotel. The Geneseo Inn was a collaboration between architecture firm Ecotech Design, winery owners Steve Crass and Ted Plemons, and CRATE Modular. Each room in the hotel is made of two shipping containers joined at the center, as Euronews detailed: 

“The design was inspired by the vineyard itself,” says Walter Scott Perry, founder of Ecotech Design. “The most compelling attribute of this project is the use of modular components, in combination with recycled materials.”
“The structures become truly integrated with their environment. Both container units and the vineyard itself have been recycled.”
All of the other materials have been locally sourced and are either recycled or environmentally friendly. A green roof and solar panels will also be added in the future..
Inside, the ceilings and floors are made from wood and agricultural materials that were previously used by the winery.

image via Euronews


How Do We Properly Restore Old Photos?

Do you have any old family photos that are looking worse for wear? It’s expensive to hire photography studios to restore old photos, so why not restore it on your own? Anyone who’s interested in restoring old photos can do it with Photoshop and Lightroom. Light Stalking shares some tips and tricks on how to restore old photos. Check the full piece here

image via Light Stalking 


The Sun Turned This Ice Cave Into Amber

Talk about a beautiful coincidence! Photographer Sarah Bethea was able to take a photo of the setting sun lining up with a glacier cave in Southern Iceland. The light from the sun made the interior of the cave look like glowing amber. PetaPixel has more details: 

The Oregon-based photographer witnessed this phenomenon in December 2017. It’s said that the Sun only lights up the glacier cave in this way once or twice a year.
“The light of the sunset striking the ice made it glow like amber for just a few minutes,” Bethea writes. “I expected these ice caves to be beautiful, but this was quite a surprise. Nature never fails to amaze.”

image via PetaPixel


Meet Hello Wood’s Assemble-Yourself Cabin

You’ve heard of do-it-yourself projects on a smaller scale, get ready for DIYs on a bigger scale. Hello Wood presents the Kabinka, a simple and modern small-batch cabin. The Budapest-based creative architectural and design studio took cues from local rural architecture design. The Kabinka is made for those who want to build a weekend home, as Designboom detailed: 

‘the tiny house movement, which bursted into hungary a few years ago, unites those who favor a more conscious way of living and building,’ comments hello wood. ‘there is a growing number of people enamored with holiday homes and unique houses close to nature, who are looking for an intimate place to disappear to when on vacation and hello wood’s newest, reasonably priced, charming cabin, kabinka, is sure to resonate with them. it can be used as a great weekend home or a private work space, but it is also a perfect option for companies in need of a community space or meeting room.’
kabinka is available in four different sizes — from 12 to 20 square meters. inside, users can fit a tea kitchen, bathroom, couch and stove. with sustainability in mind, the cabin has been built applying a low-energy consumption and environmental focus, resulting in a structure that is greener than one built with non-renewable materials and conventional technologies

image via Designboom


Recreating A Video Game In Shibuya

Gamers love the aesthetic approach of games when it comes to exploring fictional worlds that look like places in real life.The thrill of exploring a world that’s similar yet unlike our own makes gamers try to do everything possible in that game. But what if someone recreated game mechanics in the real world? What would it look like? Laggy, that’s for sure. We don’t walk at such a slow pace. Youtuber KaoruGans0 shared a video on Twitter of him recreating a certain game on Shibuya. What do you think he’s recreating? 

image screenshot via Twitter


Jurassic Park T-Rex sound design breakdown

This video is a layer-by-layer breakdown of the iconic T-Rex roar from the first Jurassic Park. It's all explained in detail by the original sound designer, Gary Rydstrom.

Along with the lightsaber and Vader's breathing, it's quite possibly the most well known sound effect of all time and it's all because a baby elephant made a strange noise exactly one time ever.

There's also a Jurassic Park companion post on the INDEPTH Instagram that dives deeper into the T-Rex as well as the rest of the dinosaurs.

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