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Batman and Bill A Comprehensive Look on The Dark Knight's True Creator

A great documentary with a sad ending to the true creator of the Dark Knight.


The Most Popular Internet Memes 2004-2019

Cary Huang of Abacaba made a moving bar graph tracking the popularity of internet memes from 2004 to 2019. As you might expect, it moves dizzyingly fast. The data comes from the site Know Your Meme and from Google Trends. However, Know Your Meme only launched in 2007, and although it is a valuable resource, it's not as widely used as you might think. Huang admitted as much at the YouTube page, where he noted some egregious omissions and other errors. Still, it's neat to see how memes you may have forgotten about zoomed into our consciousness and then disappeared.

Warning: Looking up memes you are not familiar with may bring up NSFW and even offensive material, particularly in the earlier years of this study. Even the text titles of some are NSFW. Many of the safer ones can be brought up through Neatorama's each box.  

-via Laughing Squid



How Easter Egg Trees Almost Became an American Tradition

Every few years, you may be surprised by the number of Easter egg trees both inside and out. The custom spikes and then fades in America, but its roots go back further than you might know.

In 1890s New York, it was even something of a craze. But despite brief bursts of popularity, Kaufman writes, today “egg trees are a dismal failure when compared to Christmas trees, found only in a few public fora and very scattered homes.”

Much like the Christmas tree, the custom likely came to the United States with German immigrants, entrenching itself among the Pennsylvania Dutch. (Although the Easter egg tree is typically a bare-branched tree hung with eggs, rather than an evergreen.) Across parts of Pennsylvania and Appalachia, Kaufman writes, women considered egg trees a type of good-luck charm, especially when it came to fertility.

But hanging eggs on a tree has never become a widespread tradition in the US. Maybe the Easter egg tree never caught on in a big way because it doesn't serve the purpose of a Christmas tree. In the dark, cold days of winter, an evergreen tree with lights is a delightful respite. By Easter, warmer countries already have plenty of flowers blooming. Read about the varying tradition of the Easter egg tree at Atlas Obscura.


Explaining 'Senpai' Beyond Its Popular Meme Usage

If you are in any way aware of internet culture, memes, and the anime community, you might have heard of the phrase "notice me senpai" which usually involves a young, teenage girl adoring an older guy, usually her senior in high school, and wanting him to reciprocate her affections.

But often anime caricatures or representations aren't completely accurate in its depictions of ordinary life in Japan. And the term "senpai" doesn't generally convey a romantic connotation. In this guide, you may learn a little bit more about the term, its meaning, and how to properly use it in context.

(Image credit: Jean Wei/Tofugu)


Utility Workers in England Stumble Upon Grisly Graves of 26 Iron Age Skeletons

The company Thames Water was working on a pipeline project in Oxfordshire, England, when they discovered the burial spots for 26 people. Archaeologists took over, and declared the find to be quite unusual, showing what might possibly be human sacrifice.

The graves contained the skeletal remains of both men and women, some of whom may have been the victims of human sacrifice, according to the Cotswold archaeologists. As CNN noted in its coverage, one woman was found with her feet cut off and her arms bound behind her back. At another grave, a skull was found placed at the feet of a decapitated skeleton.

The Iron Age skeletons are thought to be about 3,000 years old, and part of the Childrey Warren settlement, the same people who constructed the famous Uffington White Horse. Read more about the bizarre burials at Gizmodo. 

(Image credit: Thames Water)


Getting Healthy with VR: How This Sedentary Writer Became A VR Evangelist

Any type of work that consists of you sitting on a chair for eight hours straight or more needs to be reconsidered. There are many health risks in living an inactive or sedentary life, something that Shawn Kittelsen found out a couple of years ago.

He had been working as a writer for two years, all day sitting on a chair writing. Until one day, a jolt shot through his back and he was unable to move. He developed herniated discs which left him immobile for the better part of several months.

Of course, he knew that the best solution was to exercise and get his body moving but it caused him too much pain and suffering to do so. He was trying to look for other methods to deal with his situation and he found salvation in VR. This is his story.

(Image credit: ESA/Wikimedia Commons)


Startups Bird and Lime Sue Scooter Removal Company

There has been a recent dispute between the startups Bird and Lime against a San Diego company which they allege have been taking abandoned scooters from the streets and giving them back to the startups in exchange for money.

Scooter Removal says that they are doing this for a noble cause both for the environment and the city which they say have been littered with a lot of scooters. 

The dispute highlights a larger tension in tech, in that it lays bare some pretty fundamental questions about Silicon Valley, i.e. are so-called mobility companies actually helping us solve some of our larger transportation issues? Or is really what we have at the end of the day just a bunch of new trash?

But Bird and Lime retaliated by saying that Scooter Removal's motivations aren't purely altruistic.

Both scooter-rental startups sued the company—known as Scooter Removal—and its founders last month, arguing that the company’s removal of scooters was in many cases illegal. 
Workers from the company, Bird and Lime say, “lay in wait” for tourists and other scooter riders to get off the scooters in San Diego, before “swooping in” and loading them onto a truck, taking them to storage and holding them for “ransom.”

(Image credit: Grendelkhan/Wikimedia Commons)


Bed Sheets That Best Suit You

When I sleep, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night only to find that I have tossed aside my sheets unconsciously and was lying bare to the cold air and all the other elements of the night. So at times, I decide to go to sleep without them which is fine considering the conditions in a tropical country.

Still though, bed sheets can offer added protection while you sleep. But not all bed sheets may be perfect for you. Food52 lists different types of sheets that could meet the needs of every type of sleeper. Check them out here.

(Image credit: Andreea Popa/Unsplash)


The First Molecule Found

The one that gave birth to all other things, the first molecule, has been found by astrophysicists. This confirms what they already knew had existed. The molecule is a helium hydride ion (HeH+).

Though what they found wasn't exactly the original, they say it has the same molecular structure as that which came first.

"For the first time, we've detected the same type of molecule in a nearby nebula," said David Neufeld, co-author of the study in the journal Nature, who's a professor and astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

We now have several pieces of the puzzle that would give us an understanding of the events that took place at the beginning, the Big Bang, and how the rest of matter came into existence. All we need to do is to try and put them together.

Of course, even after all the data and evidence, we might still only have a rudimentary understanding of the universe's origins but we must continue to forge onward. And these efforts are making it possible to reconstruct the events that occurred at the beginning and those that followed to unveil the secrets of the universe.

(Image credit: William B. Latter/SIRTF Science Center/Caltech; NASA/ESA)


In Colorado: “Buy Your Own Vote” Method Proposed

A new voting method was proposed in Colorado: quadratic voting. This was the result of some concept work by Microsoft Research economist Glen Weyl. The rules are simple. The number of votes is multiplied by itself. Think of it as X squared. 

1 vote? $1.00. 

2 votes? $4.00 

5 votes? $25.00.

From Wired

“Fundamentally, quadratic voting addresses the problem of the tyranny of the majority, a standard criticism of democracy,” Weyl says. “Standard rules are based on the notion that everybody is exactly the same and cares the same amount. If you doubt that’s a problem, think about the plight of African Americans in the United States, or the drug war, which dramatically affects certain groups of people.” But with quadratic voting, you can vote harder on what’s closer to home. And when the vote is over, all the money in the pot gets distributed to each voter equally, which is supposed to sort of re-grade the playing field for next time.
Like a lot of other similarly intricate ideas, quadratic voting sets out to solve a fundamental problem in the field of “social choice,” which is to say, how groups of people choose what they want. It may seem like the purest solution is one-person-one-vote, sometimes delightfully abbreviated as “1p1v.” But it doesn’t work as well as it should. Like, a “plurality election” is where the candidate with the most votes wins, but when you have multiple candidates, it’s possible for someone to get a small number of votes but still win if his or her total was higher than the next candidate down. (That happens in a crowded presidential primary.) The American Electoral College system allocates points on a state-by-state, winner take all basis, which means someone can lose the 1p1v “popular” vote by quite a lot and still win. (Hello, Mr. President.) And in the US, slightly more than half of voters, or half of congress, can enforce their will over the other less-than-half—even if the numbers are really close or the will is really disproportionate.

What could be the reason for this kind of voting system to be proposed? Find out on Wired.

(Image Credit: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos / Wikimedia)


Don’t Be Silent When This Woman Asks You If She’s Pretty

What do you think? Is this woman pretty? You might want to think what your answer will be… or you might get assaulted.

Lizeth Guadalupe Ramirez, a 20-year old woman in Texas, allegedly attacked her husband after asking him if she was pretty and receiving only silence from him. Apparently, the husband did not hear the question as they were inside the theater. This greatly made Ramirez upset, and she urged the both of them to leave the theater.

From Fox:

During their ride home, Ramirez's husband claimed she allegedly hit him repeatedly. At their home, she allegedly continued to hit him and even assaulted a family member who tried to intervene, according to the news outlet.

(Image Credit: Webb County Sheriff’s Office)


Batman The Animated Series Two Face Commentary Who Really Is Big Bad Harv?

Just a little theory I've had regarding one of may favorite episodes of Batman The Animated Series.



Hello, Everyone, I hope to enjoy my review for what is possibly the best film of this year. Links can be found down below.

Linke To Trailer: https://youtu.be/CQXSforT_qQ

Linke To Moonlight Trailer: https://youtu.be/9NJj12tJzqc

Linke To Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?alert=2


Memento Film Analysis

Hello Everyone,

As part of the launch for this new podcast, I wanted to start with the Christopher Nolan film Memento, which is special to me in that not only does it have a great story, which by now feels like an understatement regarding its writer/director Christopher Nolan, who's never shied away from delivering a great film. Memento is a mystery about Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), a man searching for the man who raped and murdered his wife.

On the surface, it's pretty much a simple plot that has been overdone in many forms of film noir. However, in Memento's case, the twist element comes from the fact that Leonard suffers from short-term memory loss, and because of this condition, he can't process new memories. He doesn't have amnesia. Instead, Leonard remembers everything up to the moment of the accident, including his wife's death, but that's essentially it. Leonard's journey is a journey of deception, self-deception, and an inherent manipulation he is often subjected to based on the people he surrounds himself with who know how they can use his condition and the disciplines he uses t navigate it to their advantage.

Memento is a great film I've wanted to make a review and express my personal thoughts for a long time because when it comes to any Christopher Nolan film, there is always something to talk about and even more, long after you illustrated your own perspective on it. I hope for those of you who are new to my channel as well as this podcast that you find much enjoyment from this review and help me in my goal to help this channel grow into something I can share with anyone eager to learn more about film and the passion I hold for it.

Till Next Time,


Links Down Below:



Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user

Analysis Vids For Fun:



Podcast Link: https://anchor.fm/andres-benatar/episodes/Episode-1-Memento-Film-Analysis-e39mvi


Samurai X Trust And Betrayal Analysis

Hi Everyone,

I know it's been a week since my last film review. No biggie, I've just been really busy that all. Anyway, I wanted to talk about the latest film I wanted to share with you and that is, Samurai X Trust And Betrayal, which is nothing short of an absolute Masterpiece when it comes to the kind character exploration and narrative drama that'll leave your soul-wrenching and heart-broken at the sheer sadness this film conveys yet beautifully captures through its incredible animation and score.

Samurai X Trust And Betrayal is prequel to the late 90's anime of which it is based on, Rurouni Kenshin, The Wandering Samurai, which centers on a wondering swordsman named Kenshin Himoura, who ten years prior to the story was once known as Batosai the Manslayer, and as Batosai, he helped usher in the Meji era of Japan through violent assassinations, and the kinds that left him with enough scars that left him both beaten and broken into taking a vow in that he swore to never kill again. You don't have to be familiar with the politics of the show or this film to have understanding in that Kenshin was simply an idealist who saw the dark truth behind his idealistic ventures, which is nothing new for anyone who has to go fight a blood war or who suffers from a severe case of PTSD, which Kenshin does. Samurai X Trust And Betrayal does a great job of capturing the very horror and carnage the 90's anime often references in its equally serious, but still more light-heartedly oriented tone.

My interest in watching this film came from having viewed a a brilliant analysis video from a youtuber named, Aleczandxr, who gave a detailed analysis on how Trust And Betrayal is a masterpiece of immersion, and it is in that not only does it tell a great story, or suffer from reliance on any gimmicks, but captures the hopeless tone of the era and story the film is depicting with such flawless bleakness that its a mystery to me this film doesn't get the kind of attention and respect an Oscar nominated animated film is a shoe in for.

Anyway, enough of my babbling. I hope you enjoy my review of Samurai X Trust And Betrayal. Down below, you'll find the link to my youtube channel and my pattern because I really do want to see the channel grow into something unique. With your support, I'm confident I can do that. Thanks again for listening. This is Films For Thought. Till Next Time.

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