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A Simple Hack That Can Make You A More Efficient Runner

You might want to strap a light resistance band between your feet the next time you go out to jog. While this may seem as odd, this is a rather effective method to make you an efficient runner by about 6.4%, according to UC Santa Barbara mechanical engineer Elliot Hawkes.

“In running, the energy is mostly wasted,” said Hawkes, who conducted research on this topic while at Stanford University. His paper appears in the Journal of Experimental Biology.
Running is an extremely inefficient activity for the human body (which is why it’s also a calorie-torching workout). According to Hawkes’ study, for every 10 calories burned, less than one calorie is needed to maintain a constant forward velocity. The other nine calories are spent keeping us from falling as we pound the pavement with our bodymass, as well as braking and accelerating the swinging leg. Hawkes noticed this inefficiency while biking at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco at a cycling track concentric with a running track.
“It was kind of an interesting challenge because as an engineer, when you see a very inefficient system, you think, ‘Oh gosh that’s really bad; there’s got to be some low-hanging fruit that would improve it a bit,’” he said.

So how did they come up with their solution? Find out on The Current.

(Image Credit: Journal of Experimental Biology/ The Current)


Check Out Some Quick, Cheap, and Healthy Meals That You Could Make at Home

One of the barriers I've found when it comes to healthy living especially when it comes to one's diet was the cost that it would take. However, that's not really the case as these 27 recipes would show. Check them out on Delish.

(Image credit: Jonathan Boulton)


A Spoiler-Free Review of El Camino: The Epilogue We Didn't Know We Needed

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie has been released on Netflix and for Emma Dibdin, who is a diehard Breaking Bad fan, it was something that she didn't expect to be or knew that she needed to see. She considers it a gift to Breaking Bad fans such as herself who have been wondering all this time about what had happened to Jesse Pinkman after the show's finale.

The ambiguity of Jesse’s ending (he’s free, but is he really?) is part of what made the finale so powerful. At best, I thought, a sequel would be gilding the lily. At worst, it would sully our collective memory of a near-perfect show.
Folks, I was wrong. El Camino is a carefully crafted gift to Breaking Bad fans, delivering the soulful “Felina” epilogue I never knew I needed.

(Image credit: Netflix/IMDb)

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