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Rihanna Is From Jamaica, Not From Barbados, Jamaican Netizens Campaigns

Rihanna is well-known as a celebrity from Barbados. She has an official ambassador position, even! But Jamaican Twitter has a different idea on the famous star’s place of origin. Since the rest of the world is so ignorant about the Caribbean, except that Rihanna’s from there, Jamaicans can tell the world that Rihanna is actually from Jamaica, and the world wouldn’t know better. 

This joke has set fire to the Twitter campaign, #RihannaIsJamaican which featured participants who have constructed Jamaican Rihanna’s entire biography, edited her Wikipedia page, and edited photoshopped versions of her passport and Jamaican currency. 

(via Paper)

image credit: via wikimedia commons


A Part Of The Windsor Castle Has Been Open For Public After 153 Years

Windsor Castle, the queen of the United Kingdom’s grand estate, has opened a new area for public viewing. The public can now visit the Inner Hall, a historic space inside the castle, which has been sealed since 1886. The historic hall has been home to George IV’s grand entrance for guests, until it was sealed and used as a fancy storage space. The entire restoration of the space took two years to complete, as Vogue detailed: 

But the space was restored thanks to the Royal Collection Trust. Paint was chipped away to uncover the original ceiling design: the work of the famous Regency-era ornamentalist carver Francis Bernasconi. A view of Windsor Castle’s leafy-lined, two-and-a-half-mile Long Walk—the final stretch of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s fairy-tale carriage ride after their royal wedding—can be seen from the antique windows. 

image credit: via wikimedia commons


This Bride Had Her Four Grandmas As The Flower Girls On Her Wedding

The moment Lyndsey Raby said yes to her now-husband’s proposal, she knew that she wanted to have her grandmothers involved in her big day, and were they ever involved! Raby chose her four grandmas to act as flower girls, dressed in matching lacy blue dresses and coordinating jackets. Now, we usually expect flower girls to be children, but the grandma flower girl squad was actually amazing! The flower girls were Raby’s 90-year-old great grandmother, Kathleen Brown; the groom’s 70-year-old grandmother, Joyce Raby; Lyndsey’s 76-year-old grandmother, Wanda Grant; and her 72-year-old grandmother, Betty Brown.

image credit: Natalie Caho via Metro


Regular People Trained Like Professional Stunt Performers

Cirque du Soleil is the largest contemporary circus producer in the world. Performing death-defying stunts in front of millions of audience, what does it take to be a member or a performer of the Cirque du Soleil? Without actually spending the time, effort, and money, watch as two regular people, Buzzfeed’s Eric Tabach and Spencer Althouse,  go to Las Vegas and try to train like professional stunt performers! 


The “Joker Stairs” Become A Trend To Instagrammers

What used to be a quiet spot in the Bronx, NY, now has been turned into a hotspot thanks to earnest fans of the Todd Philips film Joker.

The long stairway located at that address has recently become a tourist attraction thanks to the Todd Philips film, which features a scene where Joaquin Phoenix, decked out in his Joker costume, dances down the stairs as "Rock and Roll, Part 2" by convicted pedophile and registered sex offender Gary Glitter plays. Now, fans are flooding the Bronx to find the famous stairs and get that perfect Instagram shot denoting that they have seen a movie and liked it.

The people native to Bronx, however, voiced their distaste on social media. 

(Image Credit: jamesmayname/ Instagram)


When Parking Lots Become A Place To Sleep In

The housing affordability crisis — which is most acute in the Bay Area, but stretches up and down the West Coast — has greatly contributed to the homelessness crisis in states like California, Oregon, and Washington. Those who can’t afford or find stable housing anymore are forced to spend their nights inside their cars, the only major asset they have left.

California has about a quarter of the country’s homeless population, with almost 130,000 people experiencing homelessness, according to estimates from one night in January (known as a “point in time” count) from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. The state’s neighbor Washington has just over 22,000 people experiencing homelessness, and Oregon has almost 14,500. Nearly half of all unsheltered people are in California, according to HUD statistics from 2018. In Los Angeles County alone, there are some 16,500 people living in vehicles. (Note that New York State has about 92,000 people experiencing homelessness, which is 17 percent of the national total).
“These folks by and large have not made any choice to experience homelessness,” said Cassie Roach, the program coordinator and senior case manager at New Beginnings Counseling Center in Santa Barbara. “They haven’t chosen to do drugs or make poor financial choices, and they’re not all alcoholics or any of those biased and ignorant assumptions people make. It tends to be folks that are dealt a really difficult hand; they’re making the best of a bad situation.”

More information about this saddening news over at Vox.

What are your thoughts about this one?

(Image Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969/ Pixabay)


A Possible Explanation Why Obesity and Asthma are Linked

Obese and overweight people worry about the fat around their bellies. According to a recent study which came out Thursday, however, that is not the only thing which they should be worried about. The study suggests that fat can build up in a person’s lung airways as well. This discovery may help in explaining why some health problems like asthma are more common or worse in obese and overweight people.

Researchers from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada teamed up for the study. They looked at data from an earlier project that collected lung tissue samples from people in Alberta, Canada who had been diagnosed with asthma and had died recently. This set included people who died because of their asthma as well as those who died of unrelated causes. Then they compared these samples to a control group taken from people without asthma who had died of other causes.
All told, more than 1,300 samples of the lung’s airway walls were looked at under a microscope, taken from 52 people. The authors found fat tissue in the lungs of all three groups, but those who were overweight and obese had, on average, greater levels of lung fat than everyone else. As BMI increased, the chances of more fat in the lung also increased, and both greater BMI and lung fat was linked to greater thickness and inflammation of the lung airways.

Visit Gizmodo for more details about the study.

(Image Credit: kalhh/ Pixabay)


A Selfie For A Lifetime Ban

After posing for a selfie by standing on a ship railing, this Royal Carribean passenger, along with her companion, was banned for life from the company’s cruises.

Photos snapped by a fellow passenger some distance away show the unnamed woman in a light blue bathing suit on the outside edge of the Allure of the Seas with her hands over her head.

The Royal Carribean emailed a statement to Fast Company and stated that “security was notified and the guests were later debarked in Falmouth, Jamaica as a result of their actions and are now banned for life from sailing with Royal Caribbean.”

Glad to hear that the woman did not injure herself during her selfie.

What are your thoughts on this one?

(Image Credit: Noticias de Cruceros/ Facebook)


When Your Store Attracts An Unlikely Crowd

In this land in Europe, techniques and recipes were honed and refined over the course of centuries. These have spread worldwide through the course of time, and millions of tourists are attracted to this land each year, as they seek the peak gastronomy. This land is Italy.

On the other hand, Italy’s international food scene leaves much to be desired. Justin Yip pulls no punches: “It’s the worst place in the world for non-Italian food.” Two years ago, he opened the first and likely only Malaysian food truck in the country.
In many ways, Yip’s truck, Sate & Sake, is the antithesis of Italy’s food culture. Selling traditional satays and currys to the robust student population of Turin, Malaysian-born Yip stands for fast-casual foreign fare in the home of three-ingredient masterpieces and the Slow Food movement.

While Yip opened up his business in hopes that he will be able to feed Asian exchange students, it’s the Italians themselves who became the backbone of his customers. In Yip’s estimate, over 90 percent of his customers are Italians. He says that he was hoping to win some Italians over, but he did not expect this many.

Know more about Yip’s life over at Atlas Obscura

(Image Credit: Jeremy Crowle/ Atlas Obscura)


Jane Scott, The Preston Poisoner

By the age of 22, Jane Scott had been surrounded by death. Her younger sister died when Jane was a teenager. Then Jane gave birth to three children over the next few years with two -and possibly three- of them dying in infancy. Her young nephew also died. Then her parents took ill on the same day in 1827, and Jane fetched a neighbor, Mrs. Cragg, who found the husband and wife writing in pain.

Mrs Scott said, ‘I am poisoned by the porridge’. So did Mr Scott. Jane said she would get rid of the porridge and that nothing more should be said of it.

Mrs Cragg said she saw it whilst she was holding Mrs Scott’s head. Mrs Scott told Jane not to dispose of it, but, Jane, who was close enough to hear completely ignored her and disposed of it. Dr Brown, the surgeon, was immediately sent for and instructed Jane to put the tin pan used to make the porridge to one side, but not to wash it out.

Jane and a Mrs Bilsborough went to fetch Jane’s half-brother, David Graham, as she feared her parents were dying. On arriving at the house, David found the doctor busily using a stomach pump on his mother and immediately accused Jane of causing them to be unwell.

While records of Jane's earlier life were scant, the newspapers were avid to follow the details after she was arrested for the murder of her parents. Read the story of the Preston Poisoner, filed under the tag of "difficult women," at All Things Georgian. -via Strange Company

(Image source: Wellcome Images)


Space Is Hard

Want to get excited about a job that's very, very hard? NASA has released a dramatic video to promote their Artemis program, which aims to put astronauts on the moon in 2024, with a longer-term goal of building a lunar station and then using it as a launching pad for travel to Mars. NASA is partnering with other space programs, both international and commercial, to achieve these goals. Read more about the Artemis program here. Now, if they could just build a spaceship that could carry people to the ISS and back...  -via Laughing Squid


Eye Movements and Expressive Faces

In our daily life, we are exposed to various stimuli. For example, when we walk to a town, we see lots of things: colorful clothes, shop windows, and expressive faces. As we get bombarded by the different information that we receive, we can only process so much. Thus, we filter this information into what we consider as relevant, which will then be reacted upon. Of all this information, our attention inevitably shifts from one thing to another.

“This shift in attention is often accompanied by a movement of the eyes,” says Kulke, a researcher in the Department of Affective Neuroscience and Psychophysiology at the University of Göttingen. In the current study, she combined two methods to investigate what happens in the brain during this attention shift: eye-tracking and EEG. With the Eye-Tracker, research volunteers sat in front of a device that records eye movements. Kulke then showed them standardised faces with different emotional expressions. At the same time, EEG measured brain waves via electrodes placed on their head.

What did she find out in this study, and what questions can be asked based on these findings? The answer is at Neuroscience News.

(Image Credit: Skitterphoto/ Pixabay)

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