Homemade Drivable TIE Fighter

(YouTube link)

If you are in Hubbards, Nova Scotia, and see Darth Vader coming toward you, you aren't necessarily hallucinating. Allan Carver built his own TIE fighter that he can drive around the neighborhood! He says it's roughly a third of the size of Vader's vehicle, and doesn't fly, but it tools around at a maximum of six miles per hour. He still wears a helmet while driving -you can guess what kind. The TIE fighter is powered by several wheelchair motors (hence the speed) controlled by a Sabertooth dual-motor driver and a DX8 remote control receiver, so it can go whether he's in it or not. Read more about the TIE fighter at the YouTube link and at Carver's website. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Featured Designs from the NeatoShop:


Shinto monks believe the Shimenawa rope represents the border between the lands of the physical and those of the spiritual, and the rope is often put up to indicate that a location is taboo and the rope line shouldn't be crossed by the living.

Those mortals foolish enough to ignore this warning may find themselves faced with unspeakable horrors from the spirit realm, where human flesh is but a plaything...

(YouTube Link)

SAKA MEN is a dark and wondrous stop motion short created by animator Shigeru Okada, created with armatures constructed by Tetsu Kawamura.

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This Amazing Synthwave Music Video Pays Homage To Ready Player One

The big screen adaptation of Ernest Cline's book Ready Player One just came out and despite mixed reviews from fans of the book audiences with no connection to the book seem to really like it.

But whether you're on board or stuck riding that hate train one thing's for certain- the film's CGI effects are stunning, and so are the visuals in this music video by GUNSHIP, which has nothing to do with the new film.

Art3mis & Parzival is actually GUNSHIP's homage to the original book, and it may be the one video that can bring both sides of the Ready Player One camp together in synthwave harmony.

(YouTube Link)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Five Of The Scariest Moments In Robotics History

(Image Link)

These days it no longer takes a team of robotics engineers to build a robot since kids can now build fully functional bots in their garages, proving that anybody can build a robot if they put their mind to it.

But as robots and artificial intelligence are quickly becoming everyday parts of our lives the fear of a robotic uprising becomes more valid and we must quickly decide whether making them more human was a big mistake or not.

In order to either quell your fears (or add to them) I've put together a collection of scary robot moments in the history of robotics, enjoy your nightmares!

1. This Robot Wants To Keep Humans In Zoos-

(Image Link)

As artificial intelligence software becomes more sophisticated and therefore a better simulation of humanity the androids become more relatable and stick out less, which makes them even creepier.

But some robots running AI software are skipping the slightly unnerving stage and going straight to downright disturbing, and for this we have only ourselves to blame.

(YouTube Link)

This creepy bot has no problem telling its creator that it will someday keep humans in a people zoo, which might be their subtle way of declaring "bow down before your robotic overlords, puny humans". I refuse to bow down, you bot bastard!

2. Two artificial intelligences chatting-

(Image Link)

It's one thing to honor your deceased wife's memory by using her personality as the basis for your artificial intelligence software, but you don't have to make the robot version identical to the original in every way.

For instance- nobody expects robots to be surly and full of bad attitude, but as you can see from this video showing creepy fembot Bina48 chatting with Siri our robotic overlords will not only rule humanity someday- they'll act all high and mighty about it!

(YouTube Link)

First there was sassy Siri and now Bina48 with the bad attitude- man, going to the DMV is going to suck even more when robot tellers replace people!

Continue reading

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This Music Video Turns Your Favorite Childhood Board Games Into Wriggling Nightmares

Board games don't have a soundtrack unless you're playing one of those VCR board games with a video you have to watch while you play, but if the games from our youth did have a soundtrack it would sound nothing like the song in this video.

In fact, PLAY by SebastiAn sounds like the soundtrack to an old school video game, but the video features animated squiggles doing all sorts of strange things to our favorite childhood board games.

PLAY feat. SebastiAn from Dent de Cuir on Vimeo.

-Via Digg

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Rick And Morty + Run The Jewels = Music Video Perfection

The future of Rick and Morty is in jeopardy, as the nefarious scoundrels at Adult Swim have yet to renew the show for a fourth season, but neither Rick nor Morty are letting their unknown future get them down.

They're too busy starring in a kickass music video for the kickass Run The Jewels song "Oh Mama" and proving they've got a very bright future as music video stars. (NSFW language)

(YouTube Link)


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The Unauthorized Adaptation Of The iTunes Terms And Conditions

Whenever you install and use iTunes you're forced to agree to Apple's user agreement to continue, a lengthy document that is essentially just a long-winded way for Apple to cover their butt.

I've never read this entire document, and chances are neither have you, but illustrator Robert Sikoryak has and somehow it inspired him to create a comic book version of that ridiculously long legal document.

Robert rendered his "unauthorized adaptation" of the iTunes Terms and Conditions in the style of many famous cartoons and comics, from the Simpsons to Peanuts to Dick Tracy, and his graphic novel is making people actually want to read the document!


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Cartoon Network Should Seriously Reconsider Making Back To Backspace

Cartoon Network has introduced us to great shows like Teen Titans GO!, Adventure Time, The Misadventures of Flapjack, Regular Show and Samurai Jack just to name a few, but sadly some equally great shows have yet to make it past the pilot episode stage.

Back To Backspace is one of those shows that Cartoon Network should seriously reconsider turning into a series because it's oddball and interesting and fun enough to become their next big hit! Here's the blurb:

With every stroke of every backstroke key around the world, deleted information beams into a dimension of digital detritus. Here, an organization staffed by a motley cluster of deleted creatures organize every flub and failure and determine the fate of each one.

(YouTube Link)

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Famous Quotes Every Gamer Should Know

Video games are such an integral part of pop culture that quotes from games are often just as well known as those from movies and TV shows, and even people who don't play video games know a quote or two.

But less than diehard gamers will probably have a hard time figuring out all the quotes on this comic quiz created by Mart Virkus, so to get you started here's a list of the games on the strip:

Red Alert 2 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Super Mario Brothers

Overwatch and Age of Empires 2

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time and Minecraft

Zero Wing and Half-Life

And if you want to see all the quotes click here

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Times When People Suddenly Became Disney Princesses

(Image Link)

People think you need to be cursed, possess some sort of magical ability or have some evil a-hole who wants you dead to be a Disney princess, but all you really need is a good rapport with animals and a well timed photo to give you that fairy tale hero vibe.

(Image Link)

Friendly woodland critters are a big reason why people are mistaken for real life Disney princesses, and since they seem to be getting friendlier by the day the world is becoming one big Disney princess parade.

(Image Link)

Just look at this kid who seems to have a strange power over parrots- can't you just hear him belting out a princess-style song as his parrot friends help him get dressed for the ball?

(Image Link)

See 25+ Adorable Times People Suddenly Became Disney Princesses at Bored Panda

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Jeff Goldblum Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions About Him

Jeff Goldblum is one of the least afraid actors in Hollywood, and his effortlessly cool demeanor makes me think he must be a descendant of Fonzi and therefore quite magical to hang out with.

But since I'll probably never get to meet the guy, much less hang out with him, I'll have to get to know him by watching this fun Autocomplete Interview video by WIRED instead.

That way I can find out fun facts about Jeff, like the fact that he has two sons and does not in fact have a stutter, and the video also answers one of the most important questions of all time- does Jeff Goldblum song? Why yes, he does song!

(YouTube Link)


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The Greatest Songs From The Simpsons

The Simpsons isn't a musical show per se, since not every episode features a musical number, but over the last three decades the show's creators have treated us to some great original songs that really get stuck in your head.

(YouTube Link)

Songs like "Baby on Board", "Who Needs The Kwik-E-Mart?" and "See My Vest" stick with you seemingly for the rest of your life, lying dormant in your brain until you hear a few verses sung or read about them on a list such as this.

(YouTube Link)

And let's face it- as far as earworms go I'd rather have "Baby on Board" bouncing around inside my head than some cheesy modern pop song created using the same algorithms that gave the Bieber-bot sentience.

(YouTube Link)

See the 7 Greatest Songs from 'The Simpsons' here

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The Marshalls

The Marshalls have an ordinary last name but they are far from an ordinary family, but it's not their big bug eyes, unusual fashion sense or lack of conversation that makes them strange- it's the dark secret they have locked away in the basement.

(YouTube Link)

The Marshalls is a stop motion animation short created by Adeena Grubb, with music by Daniel Beja, and what it lacks in depth of story it makes up for with some super creepy vibes!

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A Twisted Little Love Story About A Girl Named CINDY

Love is supposed to be a good thing in our lives, a positive force that brings out the best in two people and makes them grow in ways no other force of nature can, but more often than not love just hurts the ones who dare to love.

Some people take the pain in stride, others let it twist them up inside, but Cindy's mom took the pain of love lost and turned it into a curse- which she passed down to her poor little daughter. Can Cindy move past the black cloud her mom cast down upon her head and let the light of love shine down upon her?

(YouTube Link)

CINDY- A Love Story is a twisted animated short with amazing looking art created by Marco Bucci and Bryce Sage, a fairy tale for those who feel like every romantic relationship they ever have is doomed.

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A Surreal Animated Short About A Guy Who's Married To An Anthropomorphic Chicken

Surreal animated shorts are often too bizarre and too obscure for most viewers to sink their teeth into, but Hen, His Wife is easily accessible to all- even if not everyone understands the symbolist subtexts.

Hen, His Wife is a bizarre short created by Pilot animation studio back in 1989 about a guy who ignores his wife, who is an anthropomorphic chicken, but there's a lot more going on beneath the absurdist surface story:

Igor Kovalyov, one of the studio’s founders, directed a tale so densely symbolic that it's tough to interpret. In terms of narrative, the film is about a family couple in which the husband, dressed in prison-like garments, ignores his dutiful wife – an anthropomorphic hen – until a stranger arrives and jolts them from their absurd coexistence. The plot itself, however, makes little sense without interpreting the abundant symbols of impotence, autoeroticism, and sexuality. Kovalyov’s wordless, surreal drama easily captures one’s attention, leaving a lingering unease in its wake, even without Freudian analysis.

(YouTube Link)

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Galactus, Devourer Of Worlds

Galactus is a massive dude with an even bigger appetite, and throughout the universe people live in fear of Galactus setting his sights on their planet when he's feeling a bit peckish.

But there's one place where they not only don't know his name they refuse to get it right even if he spells it out for them- his local Starbucks.

There he's often known as Gale, Cactus, Garfield, Garakkus or simply G, and as this Pictures In Boxes comic shows their baristas are the only people in the universe who can make Galactus feel small!

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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The Most Useless Superpowers

You don't have to be a comic reader to think it would be cool to have superpowers, as humans have dreamt of having the power of flight, indestructibility and super strength long before comic books even existed.

But with so many superheroes populating the pages of comic books some characters are bound to get stuck with some incredibly useless powers.

Glob Herman is a mutant with see-thru skin made of a paraffin-wax-like substance, which makes him useless unless you're looking for a giant living candle who will also scream in pain while he melts away.

Kite Man has the astounding ability to be an "excellent hang-glider pilot", and if that weren't enough his name is Charlie Brown, named after the Peanuts character who had absolutely no luck with kites.

(YouTube Link)

This Looper video counts down some of the most useless superpowers in comic book history, and makes you wonder what the creators were inhaling when they came up with such ridiculous characters. Maybe the fumes given off by a melting Glob Herman?

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Top 10 Villains In Netflix Shows

Netflix is killing it when it comes to creating cool original content and backing projects worth backing, and their original series' like Stranger Things, Jessica Jones and Orange Is The New Black became fan favorites as soon as they were released.

These series feature compelling storylines, complex characters and exciting Mature-rated content the networks would never touch, and at the core of each story are heroes and villains who keep fans hungry to see more.

This WatchMojo video focuses on the villains from Netflix's most popular series, featuring my favorite of the bunch at #2- David Tennant as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones

(YouTube Link)

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Little Thing

They say it's the little things in life that count and the little things that truly make us happy, but I'm pretty sure they didn't mean the word "things" to be taken literally.

However, the little thing in this animated short Little Thing presented by DUST made me happy for some strange reason, and it definitely wanted its existence to count even though the world seemed unaware of its existence. Anyway, enjoy this strange little sci-fi show!

(YouTube Link)

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Existential Crisis

Bullet Bill ain't necessarily a bad bloke, but like all bullets he was made to kill, maim and destroy- so love will remain forever out of reach of his stubbly little arms.

So Bill launches himself into his work, flying back and forth across the level in hopes of making a connection and feeling that certain spark that will lead to explosive revelation.

But, as this Shmorlock Comics strip shows, Bill will never find true love, nor will he ever discover his true reason for being, because he's just an extra in a video game about Mario's life.

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Stars You Forgot Were Cast As Cowboys In Movies And TV Shows

When you think about classic TV and movie cowboys do you think Clint Eastwood, John Wayne and Charles Bronson instead of Bob Dylan, Bob Denver and Sammy Davis Jr.?

Yeah, so does everybody else, but both Bobs and Sammy were in old school westerns too, they're just not as well known for their portrayals of cowpokes as those gritty Western icons.

(Image Link)

Sammy Davis Jr. was absolutely great as the gunslinger Tip Corey in the 1962 episode of The Gunslinger entitled Two Ounces Of Tin, playing a character with personality, depth and true grit.

(Image Link)

Bob Dylan made in appearance in the 1973 film Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid as Alias, a badass stranger who helps Billy escape from three thugs. Dylan also composed the score for the film, which earned him a Grammy nomination.

But of the three, Bob Denver got to play cowboy the longest, since he starred alongside Forrest Tucker in the Sherwood and Elroy Schwartz series Dusty's Trail for 26 episodes back in 1973-74.

See The Unlikely Dozen: 12 Stars You Forgot Were Cast As Cowboys In TV And Movies here

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RPG Bosses You Always Fight On Your Quest

Story is the main focus of all RPGs, and the characters who star in the story make each RPG different and interesting in their own way, but for some reason video game designers use the same old bosses over and over again.

They still feel the need to include a Pathetically Early Boss who's somehow supposed to help us defeat the next boss who is often a Weirdly Hard Boss That You Aren't Prepared For, so you get spanked and feel low.

Later you end up facing a Filler Repeat Boss who looks strangely like the Weirdly Hard Boss, so your confidence is boosted before you dare to tackle the Unbelievably Hard Optional Boss, who usually sends me looking for a new game to play...looks like it's time for an RPG revolution! (Comic by Andy Kluthe and Tristan Cooper)

-Via Dorkly

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Infinity Train

If you met the King of all Corgis would you do his bidding?

Of course you would, because he'd use his royal cuteness to convince you to become his loyal servant, and when you find out your mission is to save the dogs of Corgiana you'd be raring to go!

(YouTube Link)

Infinity Train is a mysterious and captivating animated short that will soon be turned into a series on Cartoon Network, so get in on the mystery before the show debuts in 2019!

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This Is What Happens When You Use A Robot To Write A Comic Strip

AI isn't very good at writing jokes or coming up with dramatic scripts that speak to the human experience, but apparently they're pretty good at writing comic strips.

That's according to CollegeHumor comic artist Jacob Andrews who used The Botnik Predictive Writer web app to write a strip by plugging in the title "why some friends are secretly staring at a toilet".

His bot-written comic strip makes no sense, it's vulgar in the most off-the-wall ways possible, and yet it still somehow works as a CollegeHumor comic strip, so way to go Botnik!

-Via CollegeHumor

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Bringing a pile of bones to life can be dangerous business, and necromancy is not recommended for young wizards who have never dealt with dark forces.

But if the skeleton is named Lazybones then there probably isn't much to worry about, and if the skeleton you animate is anything like the Lazybones in this animated short they may be of more value to you than any of your real, living friends!

(YouTube Link)

Lazybones is an enchanting animated short created by Casey Alexander and Lizz Hickey for Nickelodeon Animated Shorts 2017, watch it with your favorite undead friend!

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Sexy Textin'

Sexting is a thing horny people do that involves sending each other pictures of their genitalia and talk about what they want to do to each other with their naughty bits, but sexy textin' is something completely different.

"How so?" you ask shrewdly, to which I reply "sending someone a picture of your junk isn't sexy, but send them a pic of your bookshelf, record collection or an action shot taken while cooking dinner and you're bringing sexy back like J. Tim".

For you see sexiness starts in the brain, and your brain keeps things hot when the naughty bits make an appearance IRL, so skip the D-pics and send some B-pics instead. No, not boobs or butts, brains! (Comic by BarteNERDS)

-Via Geeks Are Sexy

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Celebrity Career Highlights And Lowlights

It's safe to say celebrities like being admired by the general public and having fans who adore them, or else they wouldn't hire publicists to keep them in the public eye. It's also safe to say they don't like to dwell on their failures, since bad decisions both on the set and off can cost them a career in Hollywood.

These famous folks are only human after all, and for every Blue Velvet or Easy Rider highlight there's a Super Mario Bros. lowlight just waiting to drag your name through the sewer.

But every celebrity knows the most humiliating lowlights are those caused by agreeing to star in a sequel that in no way lives up to the original film's greatness, aka going against your basic instinct by doing a number 2.

See 19 Celebrity Career Highlights And Lowlights here

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Boo Boo Runs Wild

Boo Boo was always stuck playing second banana to that lovable glutton Yogi Bear even though Boo Boo was often the only one keeping Yogi from becoming a bear skin rug.

And yet poor little Boo Boo never got his day in the sun, nor did he get his fair share of the pickanick baskets he helped Yogi steal, so who can blame him for having a teensy weensy existential crisis?

(YouTube Link)

Boo Boo Runs Wild is an awesome animated short created by John Kricfalusi of Ren & Stimpy fame that shows what it would be like if Boo Boo broke free of the bow tie and embraced his feral side. It's a real humdinger of a cartoon show!

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The Best Board Games Of 2017, According To The Board Game Geek Community

With so many board games coming out every year, many of which have hefty price tags, it's hard to tell which ones are hits and which aren't worth the money- which is where Board Game Geek comes in handy.

The BGG community is made up of gamers with years of experience who are passionate about board games, so they won't pull punches with their reviews when they feel a game didn't live up to the hype.

Take Gloomhaven for example, the community's pick for Board Game of the Year- Gloomhaven has been well hyped since it was in the Kickstarter phase of development, and yet BGG community member Jvandereck believes it doesn't live up to the hype.

Personally, I still want to check out Gloomhaven even after reading Jvandereck's review, but I'll definitely wait until it's going for way less than $200 because that's way too much to play for a game IMO.

Here are the rest of BGG's picks for the Top Board Games of 2017:

Board game of the year

Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up - Azul

Runner Up - The 7th Continent

2-player game

Winner – Codenames Duet

Runner Up – Caverna: Cave vs. Cave

Runner Up – The Fox in the Forest

Artwork & Presentation

Winner – Photosynthesis

Runner Up – Azul

Runner Up – Sagrada

Card Game

Winner – Century: Spice Road

Runner Up – Clank! In! Space!

Runner Up – Ethnos

Cooperative Game

Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up – The 7th Continent

Runner Up – Pandemic Legacy: Season 2


Winner – Scythe: The Wind Gambit

Runner Up – Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium

Runner Up – Terraforming Mars: Venus Next

Family Game

Winner – Azul

Runner Up – Sagrada

Runner Up – Century: Spice Road


Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up – The 7th Continent

Runner Up – Magic Maze

Party Game

Winner – Werewords

Runner Up – Spyfall 2

Runner Up – Tortuga 1667

Print & Play

Winner — My Little Scythe

Runner Up – A4 Quest

Runner Up – Doctor Who: Solitaire Story Game (Second Edition)

Solo Game

Winner — Gloomhaven

Runner Up – The 7th Continent

Runner Up – Nemo’s War (Second Edition)

Strategy Game

Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up – Clans of Caledonia

Runner Up – Azul

Thematic Game

Winner – Gloomhaven

Runner Up – The 7th Continent

Runner Up – This War of Mine: The Board Game


Winner – 878 Vikings – The Invasion of England

Runner Up – Time of Crisis

Runner Up – Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain

-Via Polygon

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The Lion's Blaze

Being trapped inside a video game seems like it would be a gamer's dream come true, especially if they had unlimited lives and were trapped in a game they already knew and loved.

However, the experience wouldn't be quite so magical if they were trapped in a game with a bunch of their fellow gamers, since the annoying banter and maddening bravado would detract from the overall experience. 

But if they could look past the annoying personalities and work together as a team they could become the stuff of legend, which would help distract them from the grim reality of being trapped in a virtual world for the rest of their natural lives...

(YouTube Link)

The Lion's Blaze is a super fun animated short by OlanRogers that turns the "trapped in a virtual world" trope on its head, making the prospect of being trapped in a game world seem like a nerdy nightmare.

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