Decipher The Doodle Contest #5

Hello Neatoramanauts and welcome to our fifth Decipher The Doodle Contest.  This doodle was created by my 3-year old son.  I dare you to delve into the mind of this pint-sized artist and tell me what his doodle means.

We will award 2 prizes. One to the first person to come up with the most correct answer. The second for the funniest but ultimately wrong answer. The winners will win a T-shirt from the NeatoShop and be featured in next weeks post.

Please write your T-shirt selection alongside your guess (suggestion: Science T-shirts / Funny & One Liners).  If you don’t include a selection, you forfeit the prize, okay?

Happy commenting!

Update (5/24/2011): The contest is now over. The winners will be announced shortly.

Clearly a sun and rainbow, with one of the characters sneezing from a reaction to staring at the sun. Clearly.

I want this t-shirt:

In large.
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So one kid (maybe two people, but I think SOMEone drew the wrong face and tried to scribble over it) was out in a field, and it was raining (H20?) and that made him sad, but then the sun came out, and there was a rainbow, and that made him happy.

I blame Hipsters - Men's small
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It's a beautiful sunny day with a rainbow two kids are walking a long and come across a alligator by the water. The one kid wants to pet the alligator but the other kid knows whats going to happen that is why the kid is sad.

The Last Cookie - Men's 2XL
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Mr. Sun is sick and tired of these young whippersnappers stepping on his grass so he's throwing rainbow bullets at them. - Men's XL
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tshirt: i heart math
size: small
color: ash gray

First of all, I think that this picture is depicting a happy side and a sad side. The Person on the left who is smiling is happy because there is a rainbow and a sun smiling at him, while mr.cranky frown face is sad that the sun isn't smiling back at him, instead he is getting rained on by H02A and blue squigglies, also known as ACID rain. I wouldn't be happy either if acid rain was pouring on me.
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Obviously the aftermath of the tornados that recently hit the American south...that's why the people are so sad and no houses are around. Some residual storm clouds are hovering above the rainbow that's appeared after the massive destruction....

Zombie, Eat Flesh, L. :0)
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Ths pic is actually flipped horizontally - andis an illustration to this:

It was raining quite hard, but the sun was still sunny
I saw a rainbow and thought it was funny
Then blue lightning came down and hit Dad in the eye
And he shouted "scha!" - but I don't know why

I Heart 8 Bit Video Games XL please
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I believe this young artist has done a good job of representing something that even a graphic designer would have some problem trying to illustrate. I think he is illustrating the hole in the ozone layer.
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It's an alternate movie poster for 'Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park". Shown in the foreground is Paul Stanley as Starchild and Peter Criss as Catman. HC2A is Kiss code for the song, "Hooked on Rock 'N' Roll".

(I Overate. Large)
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I have three kids - oldest is eight, and I think I can read this doodle. I'm going literal, rather than hipster ironic.

Your son was sad that you said he couldn't play outside (in the rain), even though the sun was shining and there was a rainbow! Ja?
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I've seen this art before...This is obviously a rendition of the classic "very hungry caterpillar" as the multicolor very hungry caterpillar with a yellow head is ready to eat the light blue spaghetti-o's on the bottom right. The little person on the left is happy because he does not have to eat spaghetti-o's (he hates them) and the little person on the right is sad because he is standing in tall grass, and it makes him itchy. I also notice the dark blue signature at the top of the page, indicating the artist is quite proud of his artwork. classic.
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Everything looks nice and all. We're all going to die anyway and be buired so what's the point of the beauty ??? ~ XL male, if not Medium Female !
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This is an anti-smoking message. The frowning character is sad because his lovely day in the sun, walking under a beautiful rainbow and clouds has been ruined by an oblivious smoker (other figure) who has carelessly thrown his cigarette on the grass. The smoke from the cigarette is rendered in blue above the sad figure's head, while the ashes are left on the ground defiling the grass (ASCH). This is a tragic, yet common occurrence that will scar this young person's memories of the beauty of Nature forever. Shame on smokers!!!

Look Out Schroedinger's Cat, M, Brown
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The boy found the leprechaun and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...and the leprechaun isn't happy about it.

Pluto, size matters, size XL
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Its an Einstein-Rosen bridge. The equation on the right is the beginning of the the equation that proves its possibility. The kid on the right is clearly unhappy about this, since he recognizes that now the Dark Overlords can come to earth, and there is no Howard the Duck to save us (he's clearly the older one since he's bigger) but the other one is excited because he can meet Thor.
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It depicts light diffusion. The sun projecting toward the people and the rain above them interface to create the appearance of a rainbow.

Stop me before I start making sense. Black/L
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The Rapture has commeth! The Son shines down seeking the pious, the heavens are ripped open for business. Two souls are left, one sad he wasn't chosen, the other gleeful for the looting he is about to embark upon.

I'm no cupcake, size small.
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The larger figure is the artist and he lost a pretend swordfight. The letters spell touche. The rainbow is there because kids love to draw rainbows.

Request denied XL
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i think...your son is trying to illustrate how you guys went out on a hike/walk after the rain. he then sees the rainbow and was like eh? you then explained how rainbows form (i.e. the sun + water = reflection) hence the possible "H2O" letters he's trying to write out next to your face.

black unicorn poop - M please.
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The one on the left sees the rainbow and sunshine, the "older" one (according to my kid) is under the raincloud and can't see it. So he's unhappy, while the "younger" one has mixed feelings: Enjoying the view, but sad for his friend.

Quasars are far out! Size L, Navy
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