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Spongebob Voice Actor Tom Kenny Explains Various Spongebob Memes

Popular animated television show Spongebob Squarepants is an internet icon. It has continued to inspire memes and jokes online, and there's no sign of stopping the nautical nonsense from jumping out of the sea and into our screens. In the video, Tom Kenny, the voice actor of Spongebob, explains some Spongebob memes circulating on the internet. And in another, he answers the question of why Spongebob still influences internet humor.

-via NY Mag, Vulture


Mars Snow Globe Ditches Snow for Swirling Martian Dust Storm

Mars IS the kind of place to raise your kids.

Designer, Dan Abramson, (who brought us Yoga Joes peaceful Green Army Men toys) is at it again with the Mars Dust Globe, a modern twist on the classic water snow globe, where the snow is a mesmerizing Martian Dust Storm.

But the object inside the globe tells a bigger story. While one side features the planet view of Mars, with detailed topography of Valles Marineris, the Tharsis Volcanoes, and Olympus Mons, the other side features an adult and child astronaut. "It's a symbol of a hopeful future," says Abramson, "that not only can we reach Mars successfully, but we can thrive there- and our children can too."

The issue of a Mars colony is a controversial one. Some say that we should focus on Earth and climate change concerns, while others point to planetary exploration as the key to understanding our own planet. And with the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing this month, we're reminded that Mars is still there, waiting, just outside our grasp.

An adult and child Astronaut. Children on Mars!


In Case You Encounter A Bison

With nature safaris, wildlife tours, or just a trip at a national park near you, there will be times when you would come face-to-face with animals. And though some animals might seem docile or non-threatening, it is still best to exercise a lot of caution. For example, the bison may be a herbivore but they don't take invasion of their privacy lightly.

Bison, often colloquially referred to as buffalo, are scattered across much of the U.S. The largest population can be found in western states such as Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado, but protected herds may roam as far east as Kentucky. The biggest single herd of wild bison, meanwhile (about 4,500 members), is in Yellowstone National Park, the only place in the States where bison have lived continually since prehistoric times.
Bison may look like big, cuddly, slow-moving animals; they are anything but. The herbivorous ruminants can weigh as much as 2,000 pounds, but will run at speeds up to 35 mph (three times faster than humans), and jump over objects up to 5 feet tall. They’re agile, good swimmers, too, and have exceptional vision, hearing, and sense of smell. They’re most aggressive during their mating season in late July and August, and calving season in April and May.

The best thing to do when you encounter a bison is simply to back off slowly and hope that they didn't feel threatened when you came close to or stumbled upon them. Otherwise, there's nothing that would stop an angry bison from ramming toward you. You can still take a look at them from a good distance however with binoculars if you really want to see.

(Image credit: Daniel Mayer/Wikimedia Commons)


John Snow's Cholera Map on Broad Street

When London had a cholera outbreak in 1854, John Snow and his contemporaries suggested that it was due to a contaminated water pump on Broad Street. But waterborne diseases weren't something people believed as much at the time because the general consensus was that outbreaks spread through miasma or bad air.

Along with results from investigations that had been made, John Snow and others convinced that it wasn't the case and had the pump fixed. After the whole incident, John Snow created the map that would revolutionize data visualization as regards epidemics and outbreaks for more efficient disease prevention.

The simple, yet sophisticated data visualization would lead to radical new ways of conceptualizing disease outbreaks, helping to stop or prevent who knows how many epidemics before they killed hundreds or thousands. Snow’s map also deserves credit for giving “data journalists a model of how to work today.”

(Image credit: John Snow/Wikimedia Commons)


North Korea Opens Itself To Tourists

With talks, summits, and other initiatives, North Korea is slowly opening itself up to the world. It's now promoting certain tourist spots hoping to attract foreign visitors to come to the country. And one of their most touted sites is Mount Kumgang.

Known for such sites as Manmulsang cliffs, Kuryong Falls and floating Hotel Haegumgang, Mount Kumgang is located just miles from the heavily-fortified border separating the two Koreas and was once a destination for South Korean tourists as well.
The country has been investing in its tourism sector since the 1990s and the youngest Kim, who succeeded his late father at the end of 2011, has sought to further shed his country's international reputation as a human rights abuser and police state in order to promote the flow of foreign capital.

(Image credit: Allen R. Francis/Wikimedia Commons)


Twenty People Behind the Apollo Mission's Success

Apart from the astronauts who were center stage in the success of Apollo 11, there were several other people who worked to make the whole thing happen. Here are some of the behind-the-scenes people who didn't become famous but were very instrumental to the Apollo mission.

As in any great drama, there were big parts and small ones. Some—the astronauts certainly, and top managers like Wernher von Braun—achieved lasting fame. Most played roles so small or brief that few recall their names today. But without Ellie Foraker to sew their spacesuits, or Emil Schiesser to chart their course, or Lynn Radcliffe to test their spacecraft engines, the astronauts might never have reached the moon.

-via Smithsonian

(Image credit: NASA/Wikimedia Commons)


WhatsApp Has A Security Flaw

Messaging apps like Telegram are Facebook-owned WhatsApp are difficult to tamper with as they use end-to-end encryption. But once there is content downloaded to your Android phone, the apps become vulnerable to eavesdropping and malicious changes if there is malware on the phone.

WhatsApp by default stores downloaded attachments, like images and audio clips, in what Android calls “external storage,” where it’s accessible by other apps with the right permissions, according to Symantec. Telegram will also do so if you enable a “Save to Gallery” option in the app, Symantec reports.
That means that other apps can read and modify those attachments, potentially even before you see them in the messaging tool or open them in another app. As Symantec points out, that could let malicious apps alter images or audio messages you receive or even, say, edit payment information in invoices to steal money.

Thankfully, there is a way to avoid the danger of having your files altered. Know more about this on Fast Company.

(Image Credit: LoboStudioHamburg/ Pixabay)


An Honest Trailer for Shazam!

The 2019 superhero comedy Shazam! was an attempt to take DC Comics movies in a different direction. It was a kids' movie, so it didn't have to make much sense. Shazam! was a big hit, but it had quite enough flaws for Screen Junkies to give it the Honest Trailer treatment. -via Geeks Are Sexy


Separating Conjoined Twins Safa and Marwa

In January of 2017, Zainab Bibi gave birth to twin girls by C-section. They were craniopagus twins, joined at the head. When the twins Safa and Marwa were 19 months  old, they traveled to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for separation surgery. It was a complicated case.

Their skull is like a stove pipe, a long straight tube. Scans show that the girls have two distinct brains but these are misshapen. The right hemisphere of each brain is sticking up 90 degrees, projecting into the other twin's brain cavity.

This distorted shape will need correcting if the girls are to have near normal-shaped heads.

The surgical team's biggest concern is how to separate the complex shared network of veins and arteries. Each twin supplies the other with blood. Severing these connections carries a risk of starving the brain of nourishment and causing a stroke.

Last year, the separation was accomplished in three operations: the first (15 hours long) to separate the brains and arteries, and the second (20 hours) to separate the veins. In February of 2019, the final operation detached the twins from each other. But their brains still needed to be reshaped, and their skulls crafted to cover them, which brought the surgery to 17 hours. Read the fascinating story of how Safe and Marwa were separated at BBC.  -via Damn Interesting       


Biodegradable Tennis Dress

For her Adidas collection, fashion designer Stella McCartney has unveiled two prototype products that recycles old clothing into new ones. In an attempt to address waste in the fashion industry, McCartney and Adidas partnered with textile innovations company Evrnu to create the biodegradable dress and the world’s first fully recyclable hoodie.

The ‘Infinite Hoodie,’ is made using 60 percent nucycl fibre, a material created from the threads of old garments. the process breaks down the cotton to its original polymer, which is extracted to become liquid pulp before being processed using a 3D-printer-like machine to create a new yarn.
The second product adidas by Stella Mccartney has debuted is a prototype ‘biofabric tennis dress,’ created in partnership with bolt threads. the company specialises in bioengineered sustainable materials and fibres, and has developed the tennis dress using a cellulose blended yarn and microsilk, a protein-based material that is made with renewable ingredients, like water, sugar, and yeast.
‘Fashion is one of the most harmful industries to the environment,’ said Stella McCartney in a statement. ‘We can’t wait any longer to search for answers and alternatives. By creating a truly open approach to solving the problem of textile waste, we can help empower the industry at large to bring more sustainable practices into reality. With adidas by stella mccartney we’re creating high performance products that also safeguard the future of the planet.’

Is this the future of clothing? I sure hope this will be.

(Image Credit: Adidas / Stella McCartney)


Floating Farms of the Future

Our world isn't growing any bigger, not enough to accommodate the increasing world population. We face multiple issues in the future, one which is food security aggravated by climate change. In response to this, Peter van Wingerden turned his idea for a floating farm into a passion project which has now become a reality.

The idea for the Rotterdam farm came to life in 2012, when van Wingerden was working in New York City as Hurricane Sandy hit. Damaging floods crippled parts of the city and brought food distribution by truck to a halt. The experience galvanized van Wingerden to turn his previously vague ideas about growing food on the water into a passion project.
“I see this as a substantial way to produce food close to consumers,” van Wingerden says. He sees floating farms as a way to ensure food is always nearby while simultaneously reducing the costs of transportation. “It’s not the 100 percent solution, but part of a hybrid model.” A floating farm is “part of a circular city,” he adds.

(Image credit: Floating Farm)


When Writing Evolves

In school, we learned the "proper" way to write, and everyone was supposed to learn the same rules. Those rules worked for both books and letters, but accomplished writers knew when to break them to make a point. Then came the internet, texting, and social media. New methods of writing for new purposes gave way to bending the old rules and instituting new ones. The new system may seem lazy to those using the "proper" rules of capitalization and punctuation, but there's are reasons behind each new convention. Tom Scott explains.  


Photos of Dogs With A Muzzle Make Them Look Like Werewolves

By purchasing this muzzle from Amazon, owners turn their beloved dog into terrifying werewolves. 

Truth is, I got a slight heart attack when I saw these pictures. Having this muzzle for your dog is great for scaring thieves away and for the Halloween. But I think everyone could agree that these dogs shouldn’t be wearing this muzzle when walking around, right? This is just too dangerous for our seniors and children. 

Image: Amazon


Parenting Habits of Our Extinct Ancestors Revealed

One of the hallmarks of human evolution is extended parenting. A new research recently published reveals the parenting habits of one of our earliest ancestors that have gone extinct.

By analyzing teeth over 2 million years old from Australopithecus africanus fossils found in South Africa, researchers have found out that mothers breastfed infants continuously from birth to about one year of age.

Nursing appears to continue in a cyclical pattern in the early years for infants; seasonal changes and food shortages caused the mother to supplement gathered foods with breastmilk. An international research team led by Dr. Renaud Joannes-Boyau of Southern Cross University, and by Dr. Luca Fiorenza and Dr. Justin W. Adams from Monash University, published the details of their research into the species in Nature today.
"For the first time, we gained new insight into the way our ancestors raised their young, and how mothers had to supplement solid food intake with breastmilk when resources were scarce," said geochemist Dr. Joannes-Boyau from the Geoarchaeology and Archaeometry Research Group (GARG) at Southern Cross University.
For decades there has been speculation about how early ancestors raised their offspring. With this study, the research team has opened a new window into our enigmatic evolutionary history.

Know more about this research on

(Image Credit: Jose Garcia and Renaud Joannes-Boyau, Southern Cross University)


The One Form of Screen Time That’s Not Likely To Give Kids Depression

Social media and television time has been linked with depression. (I guess this statement would not surprise us anymore, as we have seen a lot of research about this for a while now.) However, there is a new research that suggests that not all types of screen time give depression.

Researchers studied 3,826 adolescents entering seventh grade, almost evenly split between boys and girls, over the course of four years in the greater Montreal area. The study, led by Patricia Conrod at Université de Montréal and published in JAMA, looked at how self-reports of depressive behavior correlated with using four types of screens: computer, social media, television, and video games.

Can you guess which of the four does not necessarily give depression? You might be surprised at what the researchers found.

...what’s surprising about the study is that it isolates video games as the one form of screen time that is neutral in its effects on teen depression. That could be because video games often don’t depict teens or people, Conrod said. Social media and television, on the other hand, may be associated with drops in self-esteem because of what Conrod called “images of idealized lives,” which lead kids to compare themselves with the glossy, filtered, unrealistic images they’re shown.

Know more about the findings over at Technology Review.

(Image Credit: Pexels/ Pixabay)

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