David Bird's Becorns

For years, David Bird was a designer for LEGO. After going freelance, he still designs characters, but these are his own. Bird makes small woodland creatures he calls "becorns," made from acorns, pine cones, sticks, and other natural materials. He sets the becorns outside and waits for real woodland creatures to approach, and then photographs the encounters. Bird says this technique requires lots of patience and birdseed. You can see some of the process in a promotional video.

For this one, the frog was already there, and stayed still while Bird placed the becorns around him. Continue reading to see more of Bird's delightful becorns and their new friends.

Click to the right to see how this catbird twists its head to take the blueberry without harming the becorn.

The story of getting this shot is amazing.

I feel really lucky to have stumbled on this creative process that continues to surprise me. I had no idea I’d get a mouse riding shot! Yesterday I caught this mouse in my garage and I didn’t want to keep it waiting, so I rifled through all my Becorns. I chose Go Go, envisioning a shot with the two of them running side by side, hurrying to get to somewhere. Then lo and behold, I released the mouse and it ran right between Go Go’s legs! Watch my last post to see the video.

“Gerald was in awe of this mother’s dedication to its young. He himself was born from a tree, and while it had provided some shelter, he found himself wishing for the love and affection that a more attentive mother would’ve provided.”

This is a composite of two photographs, because Bird didn't want to disturb the family while the nestling was so young. But as you can see below, turnabout is fair play.

See more of Bird's becorns at Instagram. -via Everlasting Blort

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