What Shape Makes the Best Fried Potato?

We sure love our fried potatoes. Which kind do you like best? There are french fries, curly fries, Tater Tots, potato wedges, and more, and you have to admit they are different, even though they are all fried potatoes. The Fry Universe gives us an elaborate 3D visualization of how they are different, which is a matter of surface area vs. volume. It's all in the frying, meaning how much of this food is potato, and how much is fried. Sure, we like both parts, but the frying is magic. Still, I am a bit disappointed they didn't include hash browns or latkes. -via Metafilter

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There's a little bit of nuance they can add to this. There's a difference between Standard and Shoestring fries. Standard are a bit thicker and in my opinion not as good. Think Drive-in Fries. Shoestring fries are basically the fries you get at Mcdonalds (which are the bomb).
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I think Tater Tots are really a particular variety of hash browns -- just pressed into "Tots" rather than into a flat patty or rougher bundle. They're not cylindrically cut solid potato chunks like that diagram implies.
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What, no crinkle cut? I'm no fan of most crinkle cut fries but there is a hole in the wall restaurant that makes the best of any style fries I have ever found. If you ever find yourself in Livonia, Michigan head on over to Bate's for fantastic sliders and unequaled fries. They make their fries a golden color, not burnt and with a clean oil taste (so no fish or other aftertaste flavor) and they aren't soggy or wilted. They have the perfect outer crispy crunch while the middle is soft. ummm, I think a trip is in order for me. buh bye
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