Star Wars with No Star Wars

YouTuber Paulogia Live asked the Question, "If every copy of Star Wars was destroyed, could we recreate A New Hope from non-Lucasfilm projects?" And then he answered the question himself, by editing together a shorter but comprehensive version of Star Wars Episode One: A New Hope using parodies, tributes, and cultural references found in movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, ads, and other media that are not from Lucasfilm. The effect is somewhat like Star Wars Uncut, except you'll recognize most of the clips used here.  -via Boing Boing

Losing all the "Star Wars" movies? OH NOES!!! This is why we need to build Knowledge Arks to preserve our collective culture and learning in case of an extremely devastating calamity.
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In case of an event that is so powerful that it completely destroys every single copy of a star wars movie... my last concern would be if it is possible to re-create any star-wars movie. The side effects of such a destruction would also include a destructionof a lot of much more vital aspects of our lifes. That is... recreating some starwars stuff would presumably be the last thing i would make up my mind to restore.. I even would not include any star wars movie in a "Knowledge Ark"... The storage space in a knowledge arc should be much to valuable to include any star wars movie.
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"Star Wars with No Star Wars"

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