Restaurant Workers Share The Strangest Food Orders They've Ever Taken

AskReddit is a never-ending source of stories that range from delightful to cringeworthy. Graceful_Swan_Ronson asked servers, "what's the most ridiculous request you've gotten from a customer at your restaurant?" Of more than 3000 comments, there are quite a few gems.

1. "A mom and her eight-year-old son came into the restaurant I waited tables at for lunch. The mom asked her son what he wanted to eat, and he replied 'ranch.' I politely asked if he meant a salad with ranch? Or French fries with a side of ranch? The woman looked at me and clarified he wanted a soup bowl full of ranch dressing."

"I walked into the kitchen and discussed with my manager because I had no idea how to charge them for a bowl of ranch dressing. We came to the conclusion that we should charge them for an entire bottle of ranch, so she paid $10.99 for a soup bowl full of ranch dressing. Yuck."


18. "I had a customer ask where the lobster was from that we used in our lobster bisque. According to him, he was allergic to shellfish...but only shellfish that comes from a certain ocean."


But they aren't all weird orders. One story was simply a hilarious miscommunication.

8. "I was at the Cheesecake Factory with a friend who ordered a 'coffee with Bailey's in it' for dessert. It took ages, but eventually the server comes back with a cup of coffee containing two bay leaves. I can only imagine how confused they were putting that one together."


Read a roundup of the funniest orders taken at restaurants at Buzzfeed.

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Every once in awhile, someone comes through the drive-thru and wants a poboy sandwich with only french fries in the middle (instead of seafood or hamburger). I duno, I guess some people like it.
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