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Brilliant Product Idea: A Smart Fire Alarm

Video director, writer, and all-around Renaissance man Mark Slutsky is on fire lately with brilliant, innovative ideas for products and services that could be in our near future.

Why do we use old fashioned fire alarms that scream at us? That tech is decades old. We can do and build better now.

But wait--there's more! Slutsky is already improving his idea before it hits the prototype stage:

An NFT is some sort of blockchain thing. And don't ask me to define blockchain--just invest my life savings in one.

-via Super Punch

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Incidetally, blockchain is just the idea of giving everybody who uses an app the database instead of having it centrally (or on a few servers, cloud etc). The issue with it (and a huuuuge one) comes from the security processes being provided (for bitcoin and etherium and all the big ones) by 'proof of work'. Meaning that all transactions are authenticated by someone proving they have "done the work" of mining for new coin, which gets harder each time. So many trillions of computations are now done just to allow bitcoin to continue operating (and NFT uses the same system). For example a single bitcoin transaction used enough power at the start of the year to power the average British home for 2 months. A single VISA transaction uses 0.2 watts. Here is an interesting article on NFT (which is literally just bidding for the right to say you own - and not exclusively - a link that anybody can access, and the continuity of is determinant upon the longevity of whoever hosts/runs it)
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Keep it simple. Smoke-Beep everything else ist just crap.
Just imagine, a more pleasing sound just like a soundmail:"I didn't start the fire, but the house is burning and the word keeps turning, i didn start the fire, it will still burn on and on and on..I didn't light it but you did't fight it as you keep singing along and along..."
to the tune of Billy Joel...

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Another 15 tweets attached to this and this will become hilarious. House Fire jokes were a staple in the Chris Rock and Richard Pryor arsenal for years.
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