Uber Eats Japan Offers A Discount For People Who Really Want To Save Money

We all want to save money, and I think that’s why we’re always into promos, deals, and discounts. With that in mind, Uber Eats Japan offers a great deal to its citizens: a 35% off the cost of your food.

All you have to do is utilize the app’s omochikaeri option when ordering.
And what’s omochikaeri mean? “Pickup.” In other words, Uber Eats is offering the discount to customers who are willing to go pick up their order themselves.
It’s pretty much a complete role reversal for a company whose whole business model is “give us money and we’ll bring you food,”...

But does this mean Uber Eats is unnecessary, or the same as just ordering takeout? Not really.

As strange as the promotion may be, a discount is still a discount, and since using the self-pickup option means you’re not paying any service or delivery fee, the entire discount is extra money in your pocket compared to placing an ordinary non-Uber Eats takeout order. Essentially you use Uber Eats as an ordering app in order to get the discount (which caps at 1,000 yen [US$9.50], which would be your discount for an order of 2,857 yen or more). Uber Eats itself also points out that placing your order through its app cuts down on time spent waiting in line and for your order to be cooked, since it’ll be ready and waiting for you at the counter (or fried chicken locker, if you’re ordering from certain Tokyo KFC branches).

What are your thoughts about this one?

(Image Credit: Uber Eats/ SoraNews 24)

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I think i understand the plot... First of all uber seem to use this strategy to increase the number of customers / users...This seems a very good argument to convince the restaurants take away food producers to use uber to access new customers. Uber provides a dervice to convince the restaurants take away food producers to reduce the expense to take telephone orders... At the same time the customers are trained to rely on the uber app as main communicatio path to order food. Once the users have totally forgotten that they may "call e.g. a pizza", and the restaurants take away food producers are not longer used to take orders by phone (and the quality of phone orders drops due to less training), uber will start charging for his service, and starting to cash in... and the users will have to do long time pay for his previous short sighted costiveness....Nothing is for free, and and a deal too good to be true is usually not so good or not so true... At least this would be my motives if i would go for such a plot...
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This is stupid. Order directly from the restaurant so they get 100% of the money. These companies already screw over small restaurant owners too much as is.
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