How Americans Commute

American commuting statistics can be a little disheartening, with the vast majority of U.S. workers relying on their cars to get to their jobs. Some cities, however, have been doing a lot better than others in terms of alternative transportation for rides to and from work.

Source: Bike Rental Central Park

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shows what a disastrous waste of money and resources car-pooling is if nothing else and most of them are just couples or parents with kids who wouldn't be single occupant anyway
as usual, the radical SJWs cause nothing but headaches
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During this pandemic, public transportation service has been severely reduced. In SF, Muni slashed most of their lines and the remaining lines ran at reduced frequency. BART also reduced their services, citing a decline of ridership. I still rely on public transportation to commute to work, so the reduced services and consolidation of riders per vehicle brings added stress to my day.
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I would love to use the bus more. Sadly, the problem here is that unless you're going to one of the three major inner city hubs it takes 2-4 transfers to get anywhere.
I can take the bus downtown(17 miles) in 45 minutes during core commute, but going seven miles to a friend's house takes 2 hours.
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All these sorts of studies usually ignore two important factors: the rise in non-commuters and the affordability of housing near work. This one does a good job on the first item. Always felt that commuting in the US could be solved by fixing housing issues.
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