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The Best Things The Empire Strikes Back Introduced to Star Wars

Released on May 21, 1980, The Empire Strikes Back is officially 40 years old. The anniversary is not being commemorated as spectacularly as that of the first Star Wars movie, but ESB is now widely considered the best Star Wars film of all, and deserves a look back. The Empire Strikes back expanded the Star Wars universe in ways we may have forgotten by now. Let's look at some of the things that ESB introduced us to.


Every Star Wars movie introduces new ships and vehicles. That’s just what they do. But few introductions are as memorable or impactful as the AT-ATs introduced on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Their sheer size and scope captured our imaginations and were a perfect representation of just how impressive and imposing the Empire truly was.
Jedi Training

How did one become a Jedi? We didn’t quite know. But The Empire Strikes Back showed some of the processes as Yoda and Luke ran and jumped all over Dagobah. It was important to let audiences know that Jedi aren’t just born, they’re made, and it was going to take a lot of effort and courage for Luke to reach that goal.

By now we are used to sequels being a rehash of what worked before, prime examples being Star Wars episodes VII and IX. Take a fresh look at what impressed us when The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters at io9.

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I would like to disagree... My first thought was: "who designes these war machines?" In fact, the appearance of the AT-ATs may provide some menacing and scary views. Taking a close look at this weapon system... It seems just to be a piece of shit. It is awefully slow. it has a very elevated center of gravity. It it topples over, it just break to pieces, and the people inside get smashed. It must be very complicated to load and unload. In a world where energy consumption is no design restiction, you could design a small 40 Person-Bus sized heavy armored flying / hovering transport fighting vehicle. Just like a improoves Mil-Mi 24 Hind. Fast enough to achieve an element of surprise, enoufh firepower to support the ground troups. I never undestood why they did not just use the Firpower of a "Star destroyer" to just caramelize a few meters of the upper soil of the target area. The only positive aspect of this scene is that you may imagine how acient infranty man hust have felt facing attacking war elephants.
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