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Is It “Gif” or “Jif”? J.M Smucker’s Jif Peanut Butter

Is the acronym “GIF”, which stands for “Graphics Interchange Format”, pronounced as “gif” or as “jif”? That has been the age-old debate for years. But perhaps the correct answer is, the latter pronunciation (soft g pronunciation) is for a peanut butter brand, and the former (hard g pronunciation) for “animated looping images.”

In an effort to sell their Jif Peanut Butter, J.M Smucker Company teams up with GIF host Giphy, who hosted a series of Jif-themed GIFs.

Meanwhile, Jif is selling a limited-edition 40-ounce jar of peanut butter on Amazon with a special double-sided label that clears up the whole debate. Or at least makes the hard G folks feel a little better.
That right there is five dollars of peanut butter in a 10-dollar jar. It’s too bad Amazon doesn’t support animated GIFs in its product listings. Fret not, Jif has a spinning jar over at the campaign’s website.

It will always be pronounced “G.I.F” to me.

Well, what are your thoughts?

(Image Credit: Giphy)

Meh. Don't need no crappy peanut butter telling me how to correctly pronounce GIF. Peter Pan all the way. Crunchy Peter Pan, just to be clear.
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The creator of the gif has already stated the correct pronounciation is a soft G. That being said, I always said it as GIF with a hard G. Maybe over time I'll massage my brain to say it the other way. I agree with booga - it stands for graphics so the soft g makes no sense.
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If I were to become picky: If the G stands for graphics, then shouldn't it be the hard guh sound as in graphics? Insisting that the only right way is the inventor's preference is like people who insist you say VEE-gun; when the V in stands for vegetables, it's VEJ-un, and a VEE-gun Vegan would be a person from the star Vega (pronounced VEE-guh), and a fan of the Chevy Vega would be a VAY-gun. And if people want to say a thing their own stupid way --vegetable VEE-gun-- that's fine, too as long as we're all just playing, or just eating, or just flying one of the crappiest cars ever into interstellar space. (Their aluminum engine blocks tended to crack.) (Or al-yoo-MIN-yum in the UK.)
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This was back in 1987 and no one cared; otherwise the inventor would have been sued for copyright infringement and we wouldn't be having this conversation. Something else just struck me.
You've read this entire comment thread. Beethoven's been listening as well (he's not completely deaf yet). Scroll up to see his reaction.
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