Designers Propose Ways to Refreeze Icebergs in the Arctic

If there's an initiative to repopulate the world's forests and plant a trillion trees to help mitigate the climate crisis, there are other proposals to address concerns regarding the poles such as the design plan submitted by a team of Indonesian designers who suggested to "refreeze the Arctic".

Led by 29-year-old architect Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha, the group envisaged a submersible vessel capable of producing 16-foot-thick, 82-foot wide hexagonal icebergs.
The process would begin with the submarine dipping beneath the surface to fill its central cavity with seawater. Salt would then be filtered out, raising water's freezing point by more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit, after which a hatch closes over the chamber to protect it from the sun.

(Image credit: Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha)

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Yeah, refrigeration is a very inefficient process (that's why cooling yourself in front of an open refrigerator doesn't really work). Thermodynamics always win at the end.
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So, how much energy will these machines use? And what effect will a fleet of them have on the environment? I am thinking in terms of greenhouse emissions and the storage/dumping of the extracted salt.
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