Instagram vs. Memers: The Great Memers Purge Of 2019

More than 140 meme-focused accounts on Instagram woke up to find they were unable to login to their accounts. Apparently, the purges are Instagram’s attempt to stop violations of Instagram's terms of service, such as the buying and selling of usernames, and copyright, and intellectual property rules. Paper magazine commented that this might be the app’s attempt on reposters, but this has caused a lot of frustration: 

However, many users who had their accounts deleted say they were meticulous about crediting creators, and don't understand why they're being targeted. "These waves of attacks on our right to free speech are not only affecting the repost accounts who have made a living off of posting memes, but they also are affecting the creators who have spent years of their lives organically growing a following from original content" reads one petition on to reinstate the purged accounts.
Memers are frustrated with the lack of transparency and clear answers about the deactivations.
"Every email or notification from Instagram support is bland and vague, explaining that the details aren't to be disclosed, but we want answers. We want change. And most importantly, we want our accounts back" the petition continues.

With the hit of backlash, Instagram has made attempts to try and win back its memers - with the establishment of a meme manager to work together with Instagram: 

This "meme manager" or "meme officer" as the position's been nicknamed online will essentially be a diplomat and allegedly, an advocate for the meme community, stationed at Instagram HQ. The job description says they'll be "an internal advocate within Facebook and Instagram for partners," and responsible for working with "relevant internal teams to ensure Instagram is considering partner input..." In addition they'll "manage strategy, implementation and optimization of Instagram's strategic partnerships with select digital publishers" and work with memers to "develop innovative and high impact partnerships, and drive operational management of projects."

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