Other Jobs That May Exist By 2030

In 1988, S. Norman Feingold predicted what kind of jobs we would have in the future, a lot of which exist today. Now, job experts have taken in all the data and trends in the workplace right now and expect that there will be some oddly interesting jobs opening up by 2030.

In a report called Signs of the Times: Expert insights about employment in 2030, the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship — a policy institute set up to help Canadians navigate the innovation economy — brings together insights into the future of work gleaned from workshops held across the country.
The report coming out Monday is part of a bigger project called Employment in 2030. This deep dive into the future of work will culminate next year with a strategic forecast into which skills will be most important in the Canadian labour market in the coming decade.

Of course, these predictions are based on what the needs of the market will be in the future and what kind of habits people will have. One possible job that experts believe might be created in the future is called "wisdom services" which would teach children skills necessary to deal with the real world, away from their computer screens and smartphones.

"Participants felt that kids, in particular, were getting worse at interactions and at knowing how to deal with certain situations." As a result, schools could morph the usual guidance counselling, which typically centres around helping teens pick classes and career paths, into a more holistic form of mentorship, she said.

Others include an expansion on technology-related careers with one job being particularly intriguing: dark web detective. As people become more adept with programming, systems and networks, and computing in general, we will see more transactions being done online. So it would make sense for people to have the skills to track illegal or covert activities being done on the web.

Cybersecurity is also a career with increasing demand as the amount of data we create and store increases as well. There will be people tasked to protect these data sort of like personal data bodyguards, keeping them away from prying eyes, big corporations, or even governments.

As society continues to change and be shaped by the developments of technology and shifts in behavior, new careers and jobs will emerge. So we just need to be flexible and continue to learn and adapt to these changing landscapes.

(Image credit: John Schnobrich/Unsplash)

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