The Quantum Bling: Physicists Teleported Quantum Information Into a Diamond

In a feat of scientific effort and excellence, scientists from Yokohama National University managed to teleport a photon into a diamond. Eureka Alert has the details: 

Researchers from the Yokohama National University have teleported quantum information securely within the confines of a diamond. The study has big implications for quantum information technology - the future of how sensitive information is shared and stored.

So by extension, the diamond is now a quantum diamond - as Tristan Greene calls it, a “Quantum Bling”. Besides the implication of a new type of bling people might obsess over, the Quantum Diamond also provides a new path towards the data storage: 

"Quantum teleportation permits the transfer of quantum information into an otherwise inaccessible space," said Hideo Kosaka, a professor of engineering at Yokohama National University and an author on the study. "It also permits the transfer of information into a quantum memory without revealing or destroying the stored quantum information."
To manipulate an electron and a carbon isotope in the vacancy … the team attached a wire about a quarter the width of a human hair to the surface of a diamond. They applied a microwave and a radio wave to the wire to build an oscillating magnetic field around the diamond. They shaped the microwave to create the optimal, controlled conditions for the transfer of quantum information within the diamond.

(via The Next Web)

image credit : The Next Web

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