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Here's A Surprise: You Shouldn't Be Afraid of MSG

To think that the reason why MSG is so vehemently opposed by a lot of people might be rooted in racism, would blow anyone's mind. I mean, experts say that it is bad for our health, right?

MSG is not bad for you.
Despite food scientists like Harold McGee sticking up for MSG, and the blizzard of food writers extolling its magical powers of deliciousness, the perception that it is somehow uniquely dangerous persists.

Enough said. Check out Annaliese Griffin's article on Quartz to know more.

(Image credit: dbreen/Pixabay)

"MSG is a convenient, and culturally loaded, scapegoat for overindulgence, and a distraction from the real problem: the food system we’ve built to make it easier to produce and consume so many calories that lack everything but flavor."

-- Great article.
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I am also sensitive to MSG. That does not mean I am anti-MSG. It's just something I developed a sensitivity to and need to avoid. People can be sensitive to all kinds of foods, so there's no reason for the general population to avoid it because of a small group. That being said, the only reason I even considered it as something that I could be sensitive to was because I saw a news article about it when I first developed the intolerance. I was really sick for a month, saw the article, looked in my cupboard and saw that almost everything in there had MSG. And about a day after cutting it out of my diet, I was already feeling better.
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