34 Things Movie And TV Characters Do That No Real Person Does

There are reasons that fictional characters do things that no one in real life does. Groups of real people never sit at half a round table because there is no camera or audience. But there are so many odd behaviors in movies and on TV that can get under your skin once you notice how often it happens.

You've probably noticed the police on all the Law & Order incarnations talk to witnesses who never stop working. A normal person will stop and pay attention when the cops want a word with them. But a director early on thought that was too boring, so every witness continues to lift boxes or sweep the floor or whatever while they give their eyewitness account. That really bothered me before I read the explanation somewhere a few years ago.

Other folks are bothered by these weird human behaviors, and they contributed a bunch of them to Cracked "pictofacts" post about how fictional characters are just different from normal human beings. See 34 of them at Cracked.

I've heard that some people in NYC with 24-hour doormen don't lock their doors. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/14/garden/14nolock.html . But yes, not as many as shown on TV.

In "Rear Window", the windows were open and the curtains not drawn because of a heat wave.

He-he, I had to ask my Mom about the stuffing-people-in-lockers thing. The lockers at my school simply weren't big enough. She pointed out that in Miami there's no need for a place to store one's boots and coats. It's also mention in TV Tropes - http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/StuffedIntoALocker .

Peaches Monroee coined "on fleek" and continues to use the term, so catch phrases can come from real life. But don't try to make 'fetch' happen.
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For once, these are beyond silly. My friends always eat at the same restaurant, repeating famous (usually funny) quotes. As for kissing in the rain, there are many places where people take it in stride. On the other hand, a close embrace any place but level ground is foolhardy.
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