Amazing Luck!

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The following is an article from the book Uncle John's Weird, Weird World: EPIC.

The calendar may say Friday the 13th, but remember, there is good luck as well as bad luck waiting for us out there. More proof that this weird, weird world of ours works in mysterious ways…


Jan Madsen was fixing the roof of his home outside of Berlin when he tripped and started sliding toward the roof’s edge. As he scrambled to grab onto anything that might prevent his fall, Madsen’s nail gun accidentally went off and shot him through the knee. It was excruciatingly painful, but the nail pinned his leg to a wooden support beam and held him there until rescue workers arrived an hour later to free him.


One afternoon in 1995 at the Kiddie Kove Nursery in Chicago, two-year-old Kolby Grinston reached up and innocently pulled the school’s fire alarm. Teachers calmly filed their students outside as they had practiced many times before. Minutes later, as the children were waiting to return to their classroom, a car barreled through a red light and struck another vehicle, sending it across the nursery playground and crashing into the school. The car landed on top of a row of lockers, where the children would have been standing, hanging up their jackets and sweaters before their afternoon nap had Kolby not pulled the fire alarm. (Image credit: Ben Schumin)


In the summer of 2000, Laurence Webbler took his eight-year-old grandson Josh on a fishing trip. The Texas native was looking forward to spending some quality time with Josh, but unfortunately, while they were out, he suffered a heart attack. As Webbler lost consciousness, Josh sprang into action. He picked up the electronic fish stunner his grandpa had brought and jabbed him with 5,000 volts. “That was enough to get the old ticker going again,” Webbler later commented.


It was bad luck when a 20-year-old Greek man accidentally shot himself in the head with his speargun while fishing off the island of Crete. A lifeguard found him floating in the water six hours later, the spear entering his jaw, going through his brain, and protruding from the top of his skull. But it was good luck when surgeons discovered that the spear had passed through one of the spaces in the brain that are nonfunctional—if it was just millimeters to the left or right he would have suffered serious brain injury or died. They removed it in a three-hour operation that left the man with no brain damage and no health problems. (Image credit: nugunslinger


A young woman was standing on a subway platform in Prague, Czech Republic, when she started bobbing back and forth as if she was falling asleep. Turns out, she was. As she fell forward, a man tried to grab her, but he was too late. She collapsed on the tracks mere seconds ahead of an approaching train. It skidded to a stop, and everyone expected the worst. Then they heard her calling for help. She was pulled up from between two train cars, then she brushed off her clothes and walked away. Amazingly, she’d landed directly between the tracks, and the train never even touched her.


The article above is reprinted with permission from Uncle John's Weird, Weird World: EPIC.  

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