Why You Should Always Put A Quarter In A Cup Of Ice Before A Hurricane

Have you seen this picture of a mug full of ice with a quarter on top going around the internet? It has been going around a lot lately due to the hurricane situation in Texas and Florida because it's a visual depiction of a life hack that is truly a life saver.

So here's the trick- if you're going to be away from your house for an extended period of time, by choice or otherwise, you should freeze a mug full of water then set a quarter on top of the ice and put the mug back in your freezer.

If you come home and the quarter is still on top then your power stayed on and the food in your freezer should be fine, but if the quarter is anywhere else but on top of the ice then the power went out while you were away and the food in your freezer might be spoiled.

-Via CountryLiving

That makes sense. My daughter bugged out for Hurricane Matthew. When she and her roommates got home, the only damage was that the power had been out for a couple of days, but was restored before they returned. They had no trouble detecting that, though, because everything they had in the fridge stunk to high heaven!
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