The Lighter Side Of Compulsory Military Training In China

The idea of compulsory military training for teens seems scary and fascist to some, but the Chinese girls and guys who are forced to train still find time to have fun.

And now that the internet lets us share information with the world we get to see the lighter side of compulsory military training in China- pics of freshman trainees having fun while they train hard.

China's compulsory training involves university students spending two weeks of their freshman year attending lectures and going through emergency response drills so they're prepared to help out should something happen.

And although forced military service still seems wrong to me, providing free emergency preparedness training to young people right after high school seems like a rock solid idea.

-Via Kotaku

The 2 weeks of military training for freshmen = 2 weeks of free time for the teachers!
I taught at a college in China that was too small to qualify for military training. Instead, the freshmen students had 2 weeks of vocational metal-work training (welding, milling, lathes, grinding, etc.) I didn't want to sit around bored for 2 weeks, so I asked the college if I could go through the course with my students. It was fun! During the 2 weeks, everyone was required to make a metal hammer that had to fall within certain specifications. Unfortunately, I lost mine a few years later.
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Next up, the Lighter Side of Organ Harvesting from Falun Gong Members, and after that, The Lighter Side of the Execution Bus. Good times in China, amirite?
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