Pretentious "Creative People" Comic Gets Roasted On Social Media

Creative people by definition cannot be categorized, nor are they easily understood by those who refuse to deviate from the norm in terms of opinion, imagination and train of thought.

And yet the creator of this comic claims creatives all dress funny, live quirky lifestyles and dream the day away, which makes this creative person want to tell them to take a flying leap.

So when the blog Bright Side posted their pretentious comic Ordinary People vs Creative People the internet couldn't help but get creative about ripping them a new one.

According to their comic ordinary people cannot be creative and creatives would never play video games, watch television or drive a car without imagining they're soaring through the air like Peter Pan.

Personally, I prefer to pretend I'm a Transformer or Turbo Teen when I drive, does that make me less creative?

See Someone Made An Incredibly Pretentious Comic About Creative People And The Internet Is Roasting It Hard here

I love the liberal bigotry that claims that ONLY people of one race or upbringing are allowed to dress one way or another. If you’re not American Indian you cannot dress in a feather headdress. Traditional African clothing can only be worn by people of African descent. And of course it would follow that European style tuxedos can only be worn by white people. This kind of blatant racism is running wild in the leftist press and should be stopped.
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"Pretentious "Creative People" Comic Gets Roasted On Social Media"

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