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Even More Amazing Facts That Sound Totally Bogus

Just last month we linked to a Today I Found Out article featuring 10 facts that sound completely unbelievable, but since then, they've posted two more articles with that very same theme -so now you can learn 20 more unbelievable but true facts. For example, did you know the biggest earthquake ever recorded hit 23 on the Richter Scale? Fortunately, no cities were destroyed because this earthquake was recorded by NASA and took place on a star millions of lightyears away.

Also strange, Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia for food -the local camels there are raised exclusively for racing and domestic purposes. And did you know that the people who voiced Mickey and Minnie Mouse were actually married in real life.

Learn all kinds of fun facts on Today I Found Out in this article and this one.

Kind of a stretch to call it an earthquake when it is a starquake. Also, the Richter scale has all sorts of problems when you go above 7 or distances of a couple hundred kilometers, which is why it was superseded by the moment magnitude scale decades ago for medium to large quakes (but the name has kind of stuck enough to still show up in newspapers). Even the MM scale is silly to compare something like that to for a variety of reasons... considering the largest starquake ever released more energy than the Sun does in 100,000 years, and only a factor of four short of the energy from a moon sized piece of antimatter hitting the moon.

But a whole article could be written on the insane numbers involved with magnetars, taking some effort to find anything relatable while still reasonably accurate.
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