Want More Bang For Your Buck When You Skip Stones? Use Sodium Instead

Skipping stones across a body of water is the kind of activity that's generally categorized as “not much bang for your buck”, meaning it's not very thrilling to watch or participate in.

But that's because the flat stones that wash up on the banks are low in sodium, so if you really want to see some flash you've gotta "skip" a block of pure sodium.

(YouTube Link)

YouTuber EatsTooMuchJam picked up a pound of sodium and headed down to the river, using basic science to liven up the lackadaisical act of skipping stones. I like his version better!

-Via Boing Boing

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Not to mention the massive dose of sodium hydroxide that pond is getting. Dead fish, anyone? How about dead water plants, and damaged trees all around? This is Pollution, people!
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When my brother was in college, some guys in the dorm threw chunks of sodium in the toilet because the toilet would just throw them back. Until one of these geniuses got the great idea to flush one, and shards of porcelain went everywhere.
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Just don't screw up, as a large chunk of sodium can make a small tunnel falling into the water at the same time as making a lot of steam and gas. The result is a weak cannon that flings the sodium back in the direction it came from.
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