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Show Some Love For Your Favorite Movies & TV Shows With A Fan-tastic T-Shirt

War Blue by Firebeard

Since it's award season it seems fitting to pay homage to our favorite movies and TV series, and it's truly a great time to be a fan because many of our favorite franchises are back and just as good if not better than ever.

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The return of that war in the stars is truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of fandom

Light Force Awakened by Vincent Trinidad

But fans are equally excited about the return of Fox and Dana and those files marked with an X

Sculvin and Mobbes by Boggs Nicolas

And Pee-Wee has a new movie coming out in March, which is truly a dream come true!

Her-Man by Ed Harrington

The jury is still out about that squad of busters going full femme

Ghostbuster Goddess by Karen Hallion

On the other hand there has been nothing but love for that mouthy little merc at the box office


And that new animated feature about a city-topia full of animals looks pretty darn cute

ZooVice by Ursulalopez

But will the battle between the bat and the man of steel shape up to be any good?

Slap by Albertocubatas

Or will going against that squad full of supervillains prove to be a suicide mission?

MLH by ArtOfCoreyCourts

Speaking of superheroic stuff we love, punishment is coming for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen

The Devil's Punishment by Djkopet

And we're intrigued to see what a big screen adaptation of the Sorcerer Supreme will look like

Sorcerer Supreme by Zerobriant

The return of Twin Peaks is sure to be a magically surreal treat

Black Lodge Dance Hall by Spike00

And who can resist the charms of that modeling wizard Zoolander?

Blue Steel by Grady Graphics

Some shows have a seemingly supernatural appeal, a magical energy that never fades

Fighting Idjit by Matt Parsons

But maybe science is more your bag, and you see Morty's grandpa Rick Sanchez as a hero

Goodbye Moonmen World Tour by APSketches

Or perhaps you prefer science fiction over superhero stuff?

Whoovy Baby by MightyRain

That's cool, sci-fi has given us lots of fun stuff to watch too, like the dead walking around town

The Saviors by Inner Coma Clothing Co.

And except for the time a chainsaw handed idiot named Ash read from a magic book of the dead

NECROMEISTER by Brandon Wilhelm ART

Science is usually to blame for stuff like zombies and time travel...and this "animal"

Portrait Of An Animal by Hillary White

But you don't need science to explain why you like this guy, because Danny Trejo is a god

Machete Tacos by Buby87

And while he's not quite as savage as this band of vikings

The Vikings by JozVoz

Or as scary as this clown who likes to hang around in sewers

We All Float Down Here.IT by Traceygurney

They're all part of entertainment history

Rebelstein Kiss by Olipop

And as long as our favorite franchises stay arrow sharp we won't fail to watch

I Heart This City by RyanAstle

Eating it all up like Gene the Beefsquatch eats up burgers made by his dad Bob!

Beefsquatch Big Boy by Dann Matthews

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