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The Influence Star Wars Has Had On Movies And TV Shows

Star Wars is one of the most beloved and highest earning franchises in science fiction history, with fans who have grown up watching the series and a slew of new fans who are due to jump on board the Star Wars express when Episode VII comes out.

But a franchise is not judged by its fanbase alone, and Star Wars is not only garnering new fans nearly forty years after the first movie came out- it’s still influencing other sci-fi projects to this day.

Shutterstock created this delightfully minimalist chart to show some of the ways Star Wars has influenced the genre, from the droids and gadgets to the fact that without a Chewbacca we may not have ever met a Groot

See the full sized chart, along with a breakdown, at Shutterstock

-Via GeekTyrant

A lot of this poster makes no sense considering Star Wars itself is so derivative. The only thing that on this poster that was really new was ILM. The characters themselves are all based on other works.
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Blade Runner is based on a novel by Phillip K. Dick called "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", 1968. SW Episode 4 aired in 1977. Perhaps the relationship is the other way around in that case. Guardians of the Galaxy (comic) released in 1969, so Grut vs Chewy is more likely the other way around, as well. Perhaps many more of the relationships here are the other way around, and that was only 5 min of research, so I can guess researching the rest would take about a day at most. It took longer to write this comment than to research those mistakes.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if talking to the directors/writers of these other franchises one could find out that instead of Star Wars being their major influence for the particular comparison the author of this project is trying to make, it was something else entirely.

I can't say I'd put much stock in someone's overblown argument that Star Wars influenced everything if they didn't take the time to do simple research on Wikipedia first.
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