His and Hers Toothpaste

Instructables member tomatoskins recently got married. As a result, he’s been on the receiving end of a lot of advice about how to have a happy, trouble-free marriage. He’s been told that one of the challenges of marriage that a couple might fight over the most insignificant issues as they combine households, such as which end of the toothpaste tube to squeeze from.

To head off that problem, tomato skins made a double-headed toothpaste tube. It consists of two toothpaste tubes which have been joined together at the bottom. Now, no matter what end he or his wife squeezes from, it’ll be the right one.

I really don't understand this, being in a relationship is about compromise and which end of the toothbrush doesn't really have a great impact on how you're doing in a relationship. Yeah, you can say that you should squeeze from the bottom, I had that reminder time and time again from my partner, but this is absurd. The real question is: do you cut the end of the toothpaste container to get the remainder of it or just buy a new one?
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This argument is leftover from a time when toothpaste tubes were made of metal. Back then, if you squeezed the tube wrong, you'd never be able to get all the toothpaste out. Now that we have flexible plastic tubes, it doesn't matter as much. With plastic tubes, you can always re-squeeze it.

But the problem became a handy shortcut to represent the different ways people do things, and how irritating that can be.
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