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Kick It Old School Style These 30 Totally Retro Themed T-Shirts (And You Can Win One Too!)

Lovers of all things retro know that everything geeky was better back in the day, and when you're from the old school you never graduate, you just keep getting cooler with age!

The NeatoShop is the home of all the geeky t-shirts that matter, including an astounding array of designs that will make retro enthusiasts totally flip out with delight!

(But if you're short on cash you should make your way to the end of this post and enter to win a free NeatoShop t-shirt.)

A lifelong obsession with retro pop culture begins at an early age, and for some it started with a buff guy riding a green tiger

Eye Of The Tiger by Rocky Davies

People might give you trouble about your retro obsession as you grow older

Eric The Clown by DeepFriedArt

But, despite what they may say, you know retro characters are the absolute coolest

80's Pacman by SoleVision

They were the most stylin' characters on TV

A Flock Of LaForges by Ed Harrington

And filled our lives with flights of fancy when the world around us was full of dark vices

To Keep Kids Off Love by Matt Sinor

We got to let our imaginations run free in those good old retro days of yore

BFF's by DiHA

Those neon colored years when everyone moved to the beat of their own drum

Butts Butts Butts by AnArielView

Advertising was cheeky and fun

Clever Girl by HugoHugo

Video games were out of this world, and gave you a sense of accomplishment when you finished them

Angel Land Happy Ending by LikeLikes

Okay, so the cars on the road weren't as fancy as they are nowadays

FlintMobile Service And Repair Manual by Maped

But the ones on TV were way cooler, because they could talk! 

Kitt McQueen by TopNotchy

The 80s had a killer soundtrack

Beat Of The Dead by Demonigote

With DJs scratching and mixing actual vinyl records instead of digital files

Pizza Vinyl by Fathi

People of all types could be seen dancing in the streets

Grootown Funk by MannArt

And people in general had a better appreciation for classic music, and classic hairstyles

Hendrix Nebula by GreyMatterCreations

Speaking of hair, did you know people were naked on stage during the musical Hair?

Hair by Machmigo

That doesn't happen so often anymore, and hair isn't as big and bold as it used to be

Groove It by Patrol

Man, even musicals were cooler back in the day!

Off To Rock The Wiz by Donovan Alex

Street art had a lot more heart

Brothers by ALCESA

And video games were a feast for the pixel lover's eyes

Resistance Are Futile by Moysche Designs

It's no wonder those who grew up in the good old days are so money

Money Tiger by Mudge

We grew up in a great era, when freshness didn't fade away


We knew the value of a good ninja battle

GAIDEN by EvolvingEye

And now see that toys from our childhood were worth a million compared to those of today

Rita's Monster Morphers by SaltySteveD

TV was cheesy cool, now it's just either-or

Nightwatch by Kinda Creative

And you could still find some rubber suit monsters in movies, now it's all done with CGI

Mutant Creature by BazNet

And you can't truly recreate an Adam West level performance with CGI!

Hnnghman by Hillary White

Retro enthusiasts are a proud bunch

Retro For Life by ClayGrahamArt

We know we had the coolest pop culture characters in history

Sk8letor by Andriu and Biticol

And if anybody tries to argue just give 'em an old school smack!

I Am No Man! by Cumix47

Keep your old school style tight with a t-shirt from the NeatoShop, where every day is a good day to be a retro enthusiast and total geek!

The NeatoShop features thousands of designs by the top indie artists in the biz, and each sale supports these talented artists so they can keep on designing and rockin' our world!

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