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Explore The Dark Future With These 30 Sci-Fi T-Shirts (And You Can Win One Too!)

Science fiction films and television shows run the technological and emotional gamut, from uplifting and full of far out tech to dismally post-apocalyptic, but there's always darkness surrounding the stars.

Those who enjoy the dark futuristic stories told by sci-fi movies, video games and TV shows usually like to share their imaginative interests with the world, and the best way to do that is with a dark sci-fi t-shirt from the NeatoShop!

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Sci-fi franchises have created some mighty memorable characters over the years

Galactic Hustlers by ArtOfCoreyCourts

They've also created some memorable worlds

Jurassic World Guardian by AndreusD

And some utterly terrifying extraterrestrial enemies

Back To The Primitive Horror (with text) by Dr. Monekers

In science fiction the characters drive the story

Mad Fry Parody by Chip Skelton

Viewers come to care about their plights


And sometimes learn to fear what the future holds in store for humanity

Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 by DeepFriedArt

Sci-fi shows us the future can be a strange and wondrous place

Obey The Hypnotoad! by Firebeard

Or it can be a post-apocalyptic nightmare


But it's always interesting when it's part of a sci-fi story

Dappermorph by Hillary White

Sci-fi characters are generally mighty interesting

Iron Steam by Arinesart

The heroes we root for as they battle for their very lives

Pierce The Heavens by Prismic Designs

And the anti-heroes who make the whole story much more interesting

My World Is Fire by Olipop

As they face off against the universe's mightiest villains

Death Vader by JP Perez

Sci-fi villains are a mighty colorful bunch

Vote 4 Kang by SergioDoe

Sometimes they're the stuff of nightmares

GodBusters V2 by Andriu and Legendary Phoenix

Sometimes they're charmingly clunky

Dalek Exterminators by Tom Trager

But they're always ready to use deadly force against the heroes of humanity

We Can Conquer It by SaltySteveD

This threat of annihilation often drives the story forward

Barrel Of 12 Monkeys by djkopet

And gives the heroes something to fight for or against

Rapture by Max58

Some sci-fi characters can be mistaken for villains


Others are unmistakably villainous and ooze evil

The Godmother by JCMaziu

But what are you to do when a trash can that keeps yelling "Exterminate!" comes after you?

Shadow Of The Dalek by Fuacka

What can mere humans do when the etraterrestrial face of fear appears?

Predator Hunting Club by Nemons

They can rise to the occassion, ready to fight for their way of life


They can stand tall and proud, facing adversity as it comes

Necron 99 by Leea1968

Because if there's one thing sci-fi heroes know how to do it's vanquish the villain

No Fawkes Given! by ClayGrahamArt

Fighting to survive in a world that wants them dead

We Can Do It! (Furiously) by hugohugo

And looking mighty good while they wage war for the future of mankind

Hello Sweetie by Zerobriant

They're the heroes who embrace the future darkness

The Juicement Day by Ouno

And give us a reason to want to see what the future holds in store for the true believers!

Believe by Megan Lara

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