Giant Methane Storms on Uranus

There are things happening on the gas giant we call Uranus. The odd blue planet tilted on its side is hosting giant methane storms. Phys Org tells us about it.

In August 2014 a group led by Imke de Pater pointed the Keck telescope at Uranus and were a little bit surprised to see storms raging. It wasn't as though clouds haven't been seen before, but the clouds they spotted last year were very much brighter than any seen before. The fact that the storms are bright in the methane spectrum isn't a surprise – Uranus, and its neighbour Neptune, are pretty much just big balls of methane, water and ammonia (but it does make for a snigger-worthy headline).

They’ve got a lot more to explain about methane and Uranus, so go read the rest if you like. This item was found via the subreddit /r/science, where they have this rule:

However, we love juvenile puns here at Neatorama, so have at it in the comments.

(Image credit: The NeatoShop)

A co-worker of mine, Greek by birth, was very insistent that the planet is called "Our-an-ous", not "urine-ous" or "your-anus". I learned a lot from him, including how not to sound like a jerk.
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