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Summon Forth Some Squidly Style With These 30 Cthulhu Inspired T-Shirts

There were many Great Old Ones, but none is more famous than that squid-faced glutton Cthulhu! His mortal minion H.P. Lovecraft helped spread tales of his awesomeness and overwhelming physical beauty, thus Cthulhu rose to the top of the fictional god food chain.

Nowadays Cthulhu is a household name, and he drives people wild with the help of wearable advertising, some of which is available right here in the NeatoShop

It all started with tales thought to have been told by a man named Howard Phillips Lovecraft

Love Cthulhu by Jimiyo

Howard used his human hands to write down stories about great old ones who dwelt in the center of the Earth

miskatoninked by kharmazero

These strange creatures were said to have come from the cosmos to subjugate humanity, and the people who help them achieve their nefarious goals lived all around us

A God Beyond The Sea by Dr. Monekers

Howard didn't make these stories up at all- he was more like a reporter describing what only he was able to see

Call of Snoophulhu by Anna-Maria Jung

Did the Great Old Ones begin with Lovecraft, or was he merely the first brave soul to share what he saw?

Cthulhu Mascot by Pigboom

Nobody can say for certain, but his dark visions forever changed the face of pulp fiction

The Little Cthulhu by Captain RibMan

And a new pantheon of gruesome gods were born who bridged the genres of horror, sci-fi and fantasy


They say to look upon the face of Cthulhu is to discover humanity's irrelevance in the grand scheme of things

The Call Of Cthulhu by ArtOfCoreyCourts

As our fragile human minds try to make sense of it all we are transfixed by the unearthly beauty of that horrible being

Cthulhu Pathway to Madness by Culturlan

He's a giant beastie with a squid for a face, but he can also be mighty appealing

Cthulhu Gogo Dancer by kharmazero

And when he uses his godlike powers to charm humans they are powerless to resist

Winnie the Cthulhu by TeeKetch

If, however, he encounters a particularly stubborn human he assumes this form

CTHULHU BABY by Fernando Sala

Even the Great Old Ones know about the indomitable power of cute...but their cuteness is a work in progress...

Here Comes Honey Cthulhu by William Renn

When the power of cute fails to persuade the pesky humans Cthulhu relies on his great strength

Cthulhu Ferrigno by Lederman Studio

He is, after all, a being of great destructive power

Brickthulhu by Blueswade

Although it is easy to forget that when you know nothing of that Great Old One save what you read in books


He's not someone whose image humans should be plastering everywhere, like some breakfast cereal mascot

Captain Cthulhu by Pigboom

He's one of the ultimate sources of evil in the universe

Darthulhu by Hillary White

And once he's been allowed into our world it will be virtually impossible to exterminate him

Cthulhu Exterminates by TrulyEpic

He'll start popping up out of nowhere

CTHUL-AID by BeastPop

And he'll force us to worship him and him alone, hijacking the holidays from all those good gods

Cthulhu Cultist Christmas by Retro Review

He'll force us to take him with us wherever we go

Pocket of Cthulhu by Crumblin' Cookie

And if we try to ditch him he'll be lurking in the shadows, ready to strike

Cthulhu the Animated Series by adho1982

And when he finds us he'll be all to happy to warn us about what happens if we disobey him

Cthulhu Waits by Sam Daugherty

At times it will seem like his slimy tendrils are everywhere

Hydrulhu by Moysche Designs

And his servants lord over us at every turn

Iron Cthulhu by Firebeard

But that's what ya get when you mess around with forces beyond human comprehension!

Wizard Cthulhu by maped

You might as well take Cthulhu's side, worshipping him as he demands

Lucky Cthulhu by TeeKetch

And if you find yourself in the mountains of madness get lost and stay lost, for it's better to be lost to madness than battle a risen god

King In Yellow by Traceygurney

And only a foolish human would dare oppose the mighty Cthulhu!

CTHULuchador by Andy Hunt

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