13 Literal Images Of Figurative Language

Whenever anyone uses the word literally in a sentence grammar nazis start foaming at the mouth and minds begin to puzzle out the validity of the statement.

Can your buddy's sandwich literally be the best sandwich ever made? Probably not, but you'd be surprised how many seemingly figurative phrases and figures of speech can be captured on film.  

Here's a selection of figurative terms made real:

1. Pimpmobile-

Most of the time calling a car a pimp mobile means it's worthy of being a pimp's ride, but in this case the car is the one doing the pimpin', and it ain't easy to look this good!:

(Image Link)

2. Pot O' Gold at the End of the Rainbow-

Whenever you see a rainbow in the sky there's a leprechaun's pot o' gold waiting to be found at either end, and rainbows are also handy for showing you the way to the nearest restroom:

(Image Link)

3. Couch Potato-

Usually a couch potato is a person who spends too much time sitting on the couch, but in this case the potato has become the couch, a functional piece of food furniture perfect for a rodent's flophouse:

(Image Link)

4. Ginger Bread Man-

Calling a redheaded person a "ginger" is considered rude, but if they refer to themselves as the ginger bread man who are we to argue?:

(Image Link)

5. Back to the Future Trailer-

Film trailers are fun to watch, but they can't haul your stuff like half a Delorean can!:

(Image Link)

6. Mac and Cheese-

Mac and cheese is for noshing, and not for typing, but a creative interpretation of the term takes the popular snack food in a strange new direction:

(Image Link)

7. Square Root-

Square roots aren't just for math anymore!:

(Image Link)

8. Baby On Board-

The popular car accessory is back in a big way, just don't let your mom see you driving around with this Baby On Board sign attached to your car!:

(Image Link)

9. Ginger Bread House-

Ginger needs a home of its own, and slices of bread make great walls, thus a Ginger Bread House is born:

(Image Link)

10. I'm On The Phone-

Literal cat likes to bring idioms to life literally:

(Image Link)

11. UFO Caught On Tape-

Someone finally caught a UFO on tape, and yet the whole encounter seems way more mundane than I'd ever imagined:

(Image Link)

12. The Right To Bear Arms-

We all have the right to bear arms, to use them however we see fit in the safety of our own homes, but this guy has taken the Second Amendment a bit too literally:

(Image Link)

13. A Log In The Toilet-

Usually a log in the toilet refers to something gross, but in this case it's just plain strange, and really hard on the plumbing!:

(Image Link)

Look around you, and if you see idioms and phrases brought to life that's literally the BEST moment to snap a pic!

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