This Is One Man's (Ridiculously Long) List of Dating Dealbreakers

OK Cupid member Emily was messaged by another member who was interested in her, based on her profile. When she checked his profile, she found a "don't message me if" list that essentially rules out every female in all of humanity.

Emily posted the list on her Tumblr for her readers to see. I imagine that all single, hoping-to-become-coupled females who read Emily's post burst into tears from sheer hopelessness before they reached the last item on the list. How could one go on, knowing that they can't measure up to the expectations of this sweet prince? Via 22 Words. 

What do you wanna bet that this list grows with every woman he interacts with? Wait until he contacts a woman who has her own requirement: "Don't message me if you have a long list of mostly petty deal breakers."
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you think trampolines are safe for children

That's awfully specific.

Back when I was single, I had one memorable deal-breaker: if you think that astrology is real.

Now that I've been happily married for a decade, I could probably come up with at least a dozen deal-breakers since I've experienced my own good relationship and seen other people's bad relationships. But they'd be things like "if you use drugs," not "you like The Princess Bride."
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He doesn't seem to be aware that women sit in the outside seat when riding public transportation for safety reasons.

My personal favorite: "You can't see your own biases." Indeed.
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What bothers me about this list, is that other than showering every day (I make an exception for summer), I'd make a pretty good date for this guy. But guys with long lists of turn offs... are turn offs.
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