Supposed and Filmed Locations of Fictional Places

Ever wonder where Gotham City was filmed? (Hint: not in New York) Hoth? Tatooine? Middle Earth? Or where the Kaiju Portal and SpongeBob's Bikini Bottom are supposed to be?

The folks behind Wondernode has created a map of supposed and filmed locations of fictional places in your favorite movies (shown in pieces here, but it really didn't do the original justice, so head on over to Wondernode to embiggen it to its original glory)

According to the map, Gotham City in the Batman trilogy is actually mostly Chicago. The forest moon of Endor was in the redwood forest of Northern California, and Waterworld was filmed in Hawaii.

A note about The Simpsons' Springfield: "Some labels are not fictional, and some are not places. Some locations, such as Bedrock and Nemo's anemone are educated guesses. Some places are just silly. Some, like Springfield are probably disputed, but if you research a bit you will hopefully come to the same conclusions as we did."

The fictional Skull Island is somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and the Lilliput island of Gulliver's Travels fame is off the coast of Indonesia. Nemo is off the coast of Australia, and Bikini Bottom is near the Kaiju Portal of Pacific Rim (that explains a lot!)

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I have extensively researched The Simpsons by watching most of the shows and I can state that Springfield is nowhere and everywhere. It has the weather and geographic features which suit each episode's requirements. The show even makes fun of not letting us know where it is. I don't understand why it matters to anyone. Go 'topes!
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