Hero Cat Saves Boy from Attacking Dog

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Warning: This video shows a child being injured, and at the end has closeup stills of the wounds which have been removed. Roger Triantafilo’s four-year-old son was playing in front of his home when a strange dog came up and attacked him. The first to come to his rescue was the family cat, Tara, followed closely by Erica Triantafilo. Tara is one brave cat! Erica tried to chase the dog off, and she was bitten, too.

The boy was taken to a hospital where he received ten stitches. It could have been much worse. The dog has been quarantined. The video was reconstructed from several security cameras. -via Buzzfeed

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take it from a certified cat-a-holic

Cats Rn't for everyone ..... it takes a certain kind of mentality and appreciation of all things stealthy,aloof and evil on a whole other level

dogs have owners , cats have a staff and don't let any one tell you cats can't be trained ...... it just takes a fair amount of patients and understanding how the gears turn in your cat's mind

lord knows it took me a good 3 months to break "Riley" (my B&W Tomcat) of a few bad habits he might of gotten away with at his ole home ..... but then of course, he had to teach me a few things as well ...... but to this day when he gets a wee bit big for his britches ...... all I have to due is put my finger in front of his mouth and remind him that hes got one shot to bite and or claw me to the 101 million pieces or I was gonna have to take him behind the garage for a severe beating

to this day hes never tried anything LOL
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If that was my kid, the dog would have died immediately. I like dogs and I have one. What that dog did was vicious. I'd hate to think what it might have done had it had more time. I'm not big on cats but I sure do like that one. It's first move was to cannon ball the dog. The woman just freaked out. Forgive her. The child's leg would have looked much worse than the picture. The picture was after it had been cleaned up.
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