Reindeer Get Reflecting Antlers

In Lapland, where reindeer herds are kept as livestock, yet graze freely most of the year, a new technique is being used to reduce the number of reindeer struck by cars at night. I cannot make the Finnish Sami language article translate into English, but according to redditor og_nichander, the antlers are sprayed with a reflective material that only shows up when headlights shine on it. Therefore,  you won’t see eerie herds of antlers moving in the night -unless you are about to hit them with your car. Or you really, truly believe Santa is coming tonight.

(Imagecredit: Anne Ollila/BO)

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I suspected it might be another language, one that Google isn't set up for. Google Translate detected it as Irish! I knew that couldn't be right, since it wouldn't translate anyway.
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This is a very neat idea. I wonder if the reindeer themselves are spooked by their ghostly-looking horns.

By the way, the translation trouble you encountered are probably explained by the fact the linked article isn't in Finnish, but in Sami (the language spoken by the indigenous people in that area of the world).
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