McDonald's Will Sell Poutine in Its Canadian Restaurants

(Unrelated photo via Joe)

Poutine is a Québécois dish consisting of gravy and cheese curd over French fries. It’s popular in Canada, where it’s eaten as fast food and a comfort food. McDonald’s restaurants in Quebec sell it. But now the company plans to make poutine available in all McDonald’s outlets throughout Canada. A serving will cost $3.99

I’ve had poutine once. It’s not available in restaurants in my part of Texas, so I had to make it myself. That wasn’t easy, as I could find cheese curd at only one specialty food store. It was delicious! I promised my wife that I would save half of it for her, but…well….

Someday, I’ll make it up to her.

-via Nag on the Lake

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Trader Joe's is now carrying frozen poutine. The french fries are frozen separately from the gravy and the curds. You cook the french fries in the oven and then gently heat the gravy and cheese packets in a pan of water. I make no promises as to its quality or how it compares to the real thing, I am just sharing the info.
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I've heard many complaints going in the exact opposite direction, that beef gravy is a faux pas, especially if made too dark and/or dense. While chicken gravy was considered acceptable as it might be all one can easily have on hand, the answer for what was "proper" involved some combination of chicken and beef gravy, or chicken and veal gravy.
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The poutine in that photo looks like it was made with chicken gravy - un grand faux pas! It has to be beef gravy; and nearly boiling hot, so it melts the cheese curds when you pour it over them. Then the melted cheese oozes down between the fries, turning everything into a gooey, molten mass of cheesy, heart-stopping goodness.
And for God's sake, don't let it get cold - you'd need a chisel to get it out of the bowl once it sets up!
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