11 Seriously Weird Chocolate-Coated Foods

These days, chocolate-covered bacon has lost its novelty as bacon has already managed to infiltrate every other food by now, so why not chocolate? On the other hand, there are still plenty of bizarre things to cover in chocolate in this big wide world of ours…and here are a few of the strangest.


Most of us would never want to eat a raw onion in the first place, so why someone would think that dunking the onion in chocolate would change that fact is beyond me. The flavor seems to be exactly what you would expect too, one reviewer said that if you’re curious, just bite into a raw onion and then bite into a chocolate bar. Strangely, these seem to be a regular item in certain Philadelphia candy shops.

Image Via AndWat [Flickr]


It sounds like a joke about pregnancy cravings, but chocolate-covered pickles are all too real. In fact, there are ample Instructables telling you how to make your own, including this one, which uses only two ingredients: pickles and Magic Shell.


If you’re trying to get your kids to enjoy healthy snacks, getting them to eat chocolate-covered carrots will probably work –but at that point, the veggies aren’t really healthy anymore, so you might as well just give them chocolate-dipped gummy vitamins at that point.

Potato Eggs

While chocolate-covered eggs sound pretty bad, so do mashed potatoes loaded with powdered sugar and shaped like eggs like the ones in this Paula Deen recipe. According to the reader reviews though, the biggest problem with this recipe is that it has four times as much potato as it should include –leaving the mixture as a soupy disaster that can’t even be shaped into eggs.


Sure, you could give your love a dozen roses and a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, or you could combine the two by making chocolate-covered roses. Roses are edible –in fact, I think they have a delightful taste that would undoubtedly go great with chocolate. Even so, as a woman, I can tell you gents that there’s a reason a bouquet and a box of chocolates are a standard and combing the two into chocolate-dipped flowers is not, by any means, greater than the sum of its parts. If you do want to try making chocolate roses though, this Instructable by Fraulina should prove to be pretty handy.

Slim Jims

If you’re looking for a chocolate treat that’s a little manlier, then perhaps you should try snapping into a chocolate Slim Jim with the help of this Instructable by Imnopeas. While I personally prefer real beef jerky over the processed beef sticks, I could see how these might at least be good with the salty, savory flavor flowing well with the sweet chocolate taste.

Beef Jerky

While I do love jerky and think the flavor would work well with chocolate for the same reasons as I mentioned above, I could see one advantage of using Slim Jims over the real meat stuffs –the texture. As Le Petite Boulanger reader Anders Sandberg explains, by the time you actually finish chewing these tasty-looking treats, the chocolate flavor is long gone.

Image Via Arenamontanus [Flickr]


Is chocolate-covered beef too boring for you? Well then, perhaps you might enjoy the fruits of the sea doused in some spicy chocolate. I honestly can’t even guess how these would taste other than adding a bit of chewy saltiness to the chocolate and a touch of spicy sweetness to the calamari, but I can say that this photo by Instructables user noahw actually makes me want to give these a shot.


This chocolate seaweed would probably have a similar flavor –albeit with a much different texture. Apparently, Lindsay Beyerstein’s cousin brought this stuff back from Korea along with chocolate-covered kimchi. While the kimchi was worse, she says the seaweed was almost as disgusting.


From habaneros to jalapenos to sweet peppers, one of the biggest trends in chocolate-covered foods these days is sweet peppers and it makes sense –chocolate with chilies has been one of the biggest flavor trends of the last few years. Personally, I can’t handle spicy foods that well, so these sound terrible to me, but for those who like to combine spicy and sweet together, chocolate-covered peppers are certainly a flavor adventure. If you want to try them yourself, these boozy, chocolate chilies on Instructables look quite nice.


There are plenty of cultures out there that regularly enjoy munching on creepy crawlers, but to most Westerners, the idea of eating chocolate-covered scorpions or crickets still sounds pretty darn disgusting.

Personally though, I think the worst flavor of chocolate-coated insects must be the ants. That’s not only because I have a tiny bit of an ant phobia, it’s more because I have heard that ants tend to taste a little like the way their trails smell and a little bit like pepper –even travelers who are comfortable eating other bugs tend to say that ants are not a pleasurable meal, so dipping them in chocolate probably doesn’t make their spicy grossness any better. Of course, if you’ve ate them and found them enjoyable, feel free to disagree with me in the comments.

Which of these mad creations would you guys be most likely to try? As I said above, I think I’d like to try the squid. Alternatively, if you have already indulged in any of these treats, tell us about your experiences. Also, if you know of any other weird chocolate-covered foods, share them here –especially if you can describe how they tasted.

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My aunt whom I lived with for a while during grad school made me a sandwich with honey-baked ham, Philly cream cheese, and grape jelly. I looked at it and said to myself, "uh, thanks". It's quite good, actually, and I still make one for myself once in a while. I believe that your sandwich and mine are basically "choose your fat, choose your sugar, it's all good".
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My dad used to eat an open faced grilled cheese sandwich with strawberry jam on it.

I thought he was nuts, until I tried it.

My wife, upon seeing me eating one of these creations, thought I was nuts...until she tried it.

You are probably thinking we are all nuts...until YOU try it!
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