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All-You-Have-To-Eat-Or-We-Fine-You Restaurant

In order to combat food wastage, an all-you-can-eat Kylin Buffet in South Shields, UK, is turning into an all-you-have-to-eat restaurant:

A Chinese restaurant offering an all-you-can-eat buffet is charging customers £20 in 'wastage' if they leave food on their plates.

Managers at the Kylin Buffet in Ocean Road, South Shields, have put up a notice urging diners to eat up all their food - or face the penalty charge.

The policy has outraged one mother who was told she had to pay the £20 after her and her son Sam, 10, and niece Toni, six, left two onion rings, a piece of prawn toast, and a spring roll on their plates.

The Daily Mail is there: Link

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Yes, sushi places do this with the all-you-can-eat dim sum style stuff. They tend to pack a lot of rice in the lunch ones. Went to on ewith co-workers and had a good laugh when one co-worker took her rice to the bathroom in a napkin, after getting a few too many of one thing.
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Running a buffet has costs and risks, including people who waste food. Punitive pennypinching tactics contradict any idea of customer service. It's worse than tip jars (but not much worse).
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I live in Ontario and this type of policy seems to be standard practice now at all you can eat sushi restaurants. You pay a flat rate, but still order what you want off the menu in any quantity you like.

I understand that they want to prevent waste, but I am always afraid to try something new for fear of paying for it if I don't want to finish eating it.
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Most of the places I've eaten at hat this kind of rule. However, they don't require you to exactly lick your plate clean. Just don't leave huge pieces of food and you're good to go. Anyway, this could be a good way to teach people not to waste food. Try a few pieces first then just get your second helpings if you end up liking that particular dish.
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i agree with john..but..i have had many times when the food was awful. if i was the woman in the post,i would of just threw it in a napkin crumbled up.
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I used to go to a place that did this when I was a student 20 years ago. There the proprietor would bring the charity collection tin to collect donations from gluttons who had taken more than they could eat.

This was a great way of reducing waste and helping charities without it being seen as extra profit for the restaurant.

It's perhaps less common in the US where food is cheaper and super-sized portions are normal so the wastage not so much of an issue.
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Never heard of this before. I can see how some people are wasteful. My husband has an uncle and aunt that waste SO much damn food when they go out to a buffet, it's embarassing.
But like others have said, what if you get something that doesn't taste good.
Went to a Chinese buffet the other weekend and I got a couple of items that just weren't very good so I didn't eat them and wasn't about to force myself to do it.
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There is an all-you-can eat sushi place in Vancouver I love going to (Tan Po Po) and there is a warning on the menu that they can charge you for wasted food, but that seems to be only for gross wastage, not for just choosing to no eat something you didn't like.
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Danny, I have never been to or heard of a place that does that. I don't understand this at all. What If I get a normal amount of food (which I always do), but one of the items tastes bad. Do I have to either force myself to eat or pay for the restaurants mistakes?
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What if one or more of the items on the buffet taste bad? You have to eat it? Most buffets I've been to have at least a couple of items that turn out to be less than desirable.

I have a friend who would always embarrass me when we would go to a buffet. She and her family wasted a LOT of food. I said things in the past, but I eventually gave up. I haven't been to a buffet with her in a long time.
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Isn't this standard procedure for buffet restaurants already? Almost every buffet I've eaten in penalizes customers for leaving food on the plate, sometimes for twice the per-plate price.
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It sounds as if the restaurant was being a bit silly with this particular case, but I don't see a problem with being charged for piling up your plate & not eating all the food. It's not like they can put it back in the buffet after you've left. There's no reason you can't go back for seconds if you finish a plate and are still hungry.
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